Thursday, June 14, 2012

Kickstarting the Reviews ;)

To preface the reviews that, Lord willing, will be showing up here soon, I wanted to post a list of some of my favorite books.

For me, there are two definitions for "favorite."

1) A book I really liked, have high esteem for, and never forget.

2) A A book I really liked, have high esteem for, never forget.... and never stop reading.

Over the past couple years I realized my list of favorites became the ones I repeatedly checked out from the library, or just bought. If I liked them enough to reread multiple times, they had to be favorites, aye?

So, this short (NOT) list is complied of some my most re-read books. Incomplete, and in no particular order. I think.

The Re-Read List

Castaways of the Flying Dutchman
Brian Jacques

I loved all three books upon first read, and perhaps I keep re-reading 
them because I wish he had written more before he died. Ben's never-ending 
journey may have *(cough)* inspired some of my own stories, like "And Then
I Lived." 

The Journals of Ven Polypheme
Elizabeth Haydon

There is something infinitely charming about this series, of which I hope
a fourth sequel will emerge soon. Ven, the hero, has a gift of unending 
curiosity which leads him to have adventures all over his world. The light, almost
Narnian feel makes them an easy but thoroughly enjoyable fantasy read. 

The Redwall Series
Brian Jacques

Need I say more? 'Tis Redwall, after all. They take my somewhere special
every time I open the pages. It doesn't even matter which one, though 
two of my favorites are Mossflower and Rakkety Tam. Oh, and the Sable Quean. 

The Door Within Trilogy
Wayne Thomas Batson

The Door Within Trilogy is probably one of my favorites for multiple reasons:
The epic adventure, believable, down-to-earth characters, and the notion that I 
could one day step from our world to another like the hero did. It's like Narnia,
Middle Earth, and something else wonderful combined. I loved these so much I
bought them. 

The Adventures of Declan Ross
(Isle of Swords and Isle of Fire)
Wayne Thomas Batson

It's very hard to choose my favorites between these two series' by Sir Batson. 
I can't resist a well-done swashbuckler, especially one with such wonderful
and gritty characters like Cat, Anne, Ross, and the rest. It was a world I easily
stepped into, and envied the people in them for never having to step out of it. 
Two of my favorites books, ever. They make me excited just thinking about

Ender's Game
Orson Scott Card

You were waiting for it, right? 
Though most people I know have very mixed feelings about this book, and
I certainly recommend it with caution, Ender's Game is probably up in the 
Top 3 of my favorite books, ever. 
I remember reading a short story by Sir Card in a compilation of dragon 
stories a year ago, and while it was probably my least favorite of the entire 
book for various reasons, it was the most unforgettable. Something about his 
writing was so compelling that even though I detested that particular story, it 
was the only one that never left me. 
Likewise, aside from the fact that I was left in awe of Ender's Game the first time 
around, I couldn't forget about it. So much so, started reading it again the day after 
I finished it. I couldn't get enough of it. Sum it up to say I have reread it at least five 
times less months than that. 

Ender's Shadow Series
Orson Scott Card

Those who who Ender know also that there are two spinoff series'. One follows
Ender's journey. The other follows that of Bean's, another child from Battle School. 
I chose to read Bean's story first. His series begins with Ender's Shadow (taking place
in almost the exact same time period as Ender's Game) and ends with the recently
published Shadows In Flight. (More on that in a later post.)
I just finished Shadows In Flight on Sunday. I checked out Ender's Shadow again on 
Wednesday. Let's just say I can't get enough of Ender or Bean's journeys. 
And thus, are some of my very favorite books in the world. 


And, as much as my memory suffices at present, these are some of my very favorite books. 

I'm sure I forgot some. Maybe I'll do a Part II in the future. 

Anyway, not all of these books will appear in the later reviews, which is why I mention them especially now. 

So, wonderful people. (I resist saying "lovely people" to respect the dignity of the guys ;)

What are your most re-read, favorite books? Speak up, now!


Charley Robson said...

.... I haven't read any of these! Apart from dipping into Redwall at one stage - wasn't really my thing, I think I abandoned the book due to a move or schoolwork or something.

I'm probably too old to be reading most of these now - though Ender's Game looks awesome. But to heck with it, I shall see how many i can come across and give them a snoop :)

Miss Jack Lewis Baillot said...

I've read all of those but the Castaway series and Ender's series. I've just heard of Ender's but thought it was like the Hunger Games. I also plan on reading the Outcast series as I've always loved Redwall and the author is brilliant.

Oh, and I haven't read the Door Within yet, I forgot that one too. I liked his pirate series so I plan on reading this one as well, my cousin has and said they were very good.

Mossflower was one of my favourites too. And Meriell of Redwall, Redwall, and Martin the Warrior. Martin is my favourite character 8-D

Jake P. said...

Excellent list, Abby! Redwall is one of my favorite series to reread. I've been considering his Castaways of the Flying Dutchmen for a while and ye have convinced me to pick it up. :) Now, will you be reviewing all of these?

@Charlie Robson: Actually, what I think makes these amazing books( Well, Redwall and Ender's Game, that is, I haven't read the rest, though they're probably the same way) is that it doesn't matter what age you are. They're still fun, smart, and engaging to read. Heck, I still read Winnie the Pooh! ;)

Josiphine said...

Favorite books? Chronicles of Narnia, Secret Garden, anything by Louisa May Alcott, Betsy Tacy, Knight and Rogue, Ivanhoe, anything by Lloyd Alexander, Little House on the Prairie, anything by Patricia St. John...and the list goes on and on and on and on and on--like my bookshelf or my to-read list.

Farjag said...

I've actually not read any of those either, (I, like Charley, dabbled in one or two Redwall books, but got to them too late. :) ). But I have reread nearly all of Tolkien's works at least thrice (and I'm talking Children of Hurin/Unfinished Tales, etc here), every G.A. Henty book I own probably four times, and all the Chronicles of Narnia more times than I could count. Though, I tend to reread every book at least once anyway, so you should probably slash one reading off all those :)

Hannah Joy said...

Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Narnia, Fin's Revolution Series, Wingfeather Saga, 100 Cupboards trilogy, Notes From the Tilt-A-Whirl, the Prydain Chronicles...

The list goes ever on and on. (Pun definitely intended...or does that count as a pun? ;-))

Kismint said...

Throwin' me in da reading mood...gotta get my hands on some more of Wayne Thomas Baston books. I recently read The Door Within Trilogy and fell in love.

daNinjaGirl said...

My favorite books that I reread over and over and over and over(you get the picture) are After the Dancing Days, by Margaret Rostkowski, and the Leviathan trilogy by Scott Westerfeld. For some odd reason I love WWI fiction...if the Leviathan books even count as that. They're...WWI steampunk fiction. :D

Ely G