Tuesday, July 24, 2012


This is where I'm at today.

People, I am so brain dead.

This script is going to be such a "first draft" it's not even funny.

My current brain power is not going to help this script achieve it's full potential the first time around.

Anybody else have these kind of days? 


Sky said...

YES. I have those days. And lately it's been all day, every day. >.<

Good luck to you, my dear Teedee! ♥ May you get out of this rut soon. :-/

Pathfinder said...

The whole week, so far. Never Alone!

Ely G. said...

yessss....yesterday was awful(maybe that was because I decided to watch Eragon for the first time and for the rest of the day I had a sudden urging to rewrite the whole screenplay.... *sigh* ) But today looks a little better. At least...I'm hoping. :)


Edessa said...

I have these kind of days all the time. It's like every thread of inspiration leaves my body and I just stare at my computer screen for almost an hour trying to figure out what in the world I should write. So annoying... >.<

Hope you get out of this rut soon! =)

Hannah Joy said...

Tell me about it. A clue: yes, I do.

But, hopefully inspiration will visit soon (perhaps after it stops by at my house) and in the meantime, settle down with caramel popcorn and watch a movie or read a book or something--But make it an easy book. No Dickens or anything. That is, if you like caramel popcorn. I know I do. :-D

My second idea would be to put on a pretty dress and put your hair up nice. Just for the heck of it. That always seems to help me when I am really braindead and/or not feeling too good mentally. That is, if you like pretty dresses. ;-)

Anyway, take it easy. Don't rush your script if it's not coming. It'll be good even if you finish it a little later than planned. Praying for you, Abby!

Miss Jack Lewis Baillot said...

I know how you feel. Yes, I get like this a lot. Sometimes I find a walk helps...and chocolate. I hope you can get over it soon, it isn't much fun.