Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Idea Pool is OPEN!

I delayed this so long because I wanted to come up with some sort of fun logo-picture. But laziness has kept me from it o_O Google saved the day.

So, anyway, this is to say that from right here, right now, until August 1, you can submit your things for the idea pool!

If you want something featured in the post you have to submit it to me before the deadline.

Here are the guidelines:

There are two types of submissions: Freebies and Problems.

Freebies are ideas that YOU have that you want to just throw out there for other people to use. There will undoubtedly be many of those after the pool has begun-- but if you want to submit one that will show up in the initial post and not in the comments, go ahead and email me with the subject line "Idea Pool Submission: Freebie." These things include character/place names, a storyline, sentences and titles.

Problems are things that you are struggling with-- need a bio for a character? Need a name? Some help with your plot? These are the things that we can all help and brainstorm together with. To submit a problem that needs some help, email me with the subject line "Idea Pool Submission: Problem," with a summary of your problem and what you are looking for help with. If you need to explain the current plot, or describe a character, be as clear as you can while being as efficient as you can.

My email address is acertainjedi[at]gmail[dot]com.

A submission email should include:
-subject line
-the content you want published in the post
-a name, and a link if you want credit linked back to you

Ah, yes, that matter of credit:

Warning! If you submit ideas for other author's use:

Freebies, ideas, may be used or altered by whoever chooses to use them.

You may or may not ever get credit in people's finished products. If work is published on blogs, I would expect that authors would be courteous enough to link back to whoever inspired them.

But outside the world of blogger, there can really be no guarantee that you will ever get credit. If you have a problem with that, don't submit an idea.

You have been warned ;)


Now, since this is the first time, I don't know what will work and what won't. So this first go is a bit of a test, and your input is the most helpful thing to make this epic for everyone. So, if you have an idea to make the idea pool better, or if you want to see something added to it, whatever, be sure to let me know! Honestly I don't know what I'm doing :P

Well, I can't wait to see how this will go! See you all soon!


Charley Robson said...

Woohoo! Time to dig up some freebies ... and maybe a problem or two, if I can find a good one :P

Eruantien Nenharma said...

I'll definitely have at least a freebie or two by tonight; my whole writing hobby is a problem. XD

Hannah Joy said...

Yes! So excited! I will be entering soon. This is such an epic idea. :-D