Wednesday, July 25, 2012

You just never know.


I do not claim to be coherent or organized. 

You have been warned. 


It just surprises me how many people I influence. How many lives I seem to touch.

And the fact that most of the time, I am completely oblivious.

It totally blows me away, really.

'Cause most of the time I'm like this:

(Okay not all of them at once... well, I don't know... anyway...)

With no thought at all to much else but whatever I'm flitting around in. 

And sometimes, I'm just like, 

And yet somehow, I'm not an utterly useless human being. 

Every once in awhile, I'll get an email from someone telling me how much they love my blog. Or someone will write on my wall on FB about how I'm one of their best friends and love hearing about all my songs and screenplays that I'm working on. Or I'll just get a sudden flood of totally sweet comments on a post I hadn't even thought twice about. Or I'll get some way out-of-blue message from a follower who, believe it or not, wants my advice for something. 

And I'm like, 

Not even kidding. 

Those kinda things make my day. 'Cause they're so unexpected. 

But the thing is, those little things remind me that we, as human beings, are always affecting each other, and even when we can't see, other people are moved by the things we do. 

I don't know if I explicitly said this when I posted that song "Knife" that I wrote, way back a couple months ago, but the beginning of this year was a little rough for me. I... naturally have mild suicidal tendencies. Mild, mind you. 

But it's still something that I've had to struggle through, and take to the Lord and let Him deal with. To stop wallowing in self-pity and just live, do the next right thing and stop angsting about stupid stuff. 

I'm pretty good right now, so don't get all concerned ;) ;) ;)

But anyway. 

That something in me that people seem to see and love, it isn't me at all. It's the Spirit of God inside me, and using me in spite of myself. 

And that's encouraging. 

When you're walking in the way of righteousness and you're in the will of God, even if you can't see, you never know what's the Lord's doing, or who He's blessing in all your little insignificant things. 

Who knows who's watching you? Who's affected and influenced by you?

We have quite a responsibility, us humans. 

But it's not on us. It's doesn't have to be on us. 

If you let Him, someone else is quite willing and far more capable of scripting your life than you are. 

You are all writers, on some level or another. You know how it feels to construct a character's life, the joy and thrill of shaping a lowly MC into something incredible. Creating something amazing. Spinning tales of adventure. 

We know all this, and we are but mere mortals. 

So how much greater will the adventure of our lives, if told from the pen of our Everlasting Savior, be, if we let him? 

Also, we all know the feeling of frustration when dealing with a character or situation that just won't cooperate with us.

But He's not frustrated.

He's just waiting for you to willingly surrender the pen to Him.

Trust me.

He'll do a great job.

This is to any of you who feel like nothing special ever happens; that nothing you do matters. That nobody sees; that no one appreciates anything you're doing. That no one cares.

It all matters. People do care. And you were created for a glorious purpose.

Surrender that pen... and just keep doing the next right thing.

For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.
~Ephesians 2:10


Meggie said...

Thats awesome :D *pat on the back*

Thanks for the encouragment!


Charley Robson said...

Awesome post by awesome person equals utter awesomeness. I bow unto your awesomeness. And His. But he knows I do that already ;)

Emiko said...

Great post!! Although I'm no writer, I can certainly relate to how that feels. Sometimes I wonder how on earth could my music have any effect on anybody or help someone the way other people's music helps me. But I guess the solution is just not to worry about that but instead just do my best and leave the rest to God. :)

Helen said...

If you need any cheering up, just feel free to come over, turn in to the Hulk, and watch me freak out! :D That should always work!

And I was always impressed by how much you could do! Super talented person you are..hhmmmm...hmm.

'Slippers said...


Good, good post Abby. Thanks for the encouragement!!

Lainie said...

Love the post... something popped out at me. When you wrote: You are all writers, on some level or another. You know how it feels to construct a character's life, the joy and thrill of shaping a lowly MC into something incredible. Creating something amazing. Spinning tales of adventure.

Can you imagine writing a story about a character that never had adversity, challenges, tragedies, or anything except sunshiny days and perfect happiness? What a lame-o story right?

Thank you for the awesome reminder that it's in the difficult circumstances that God grows and shapes me and all the hard parts are needed to make the sweet parts so sweet.

Thanks, baby girl :)

Kismint said...

*stands up on desk chair and gives standing ovation*

Maddy said...

Thanks Abby, awesome post!