Thursday, August 2, 2012

And it's the first CQC Idea Pool!

Ready for this?

Don't forget, if this goes on and you have an idea as to how to make it more awesome, do not hesitate to speak!!

Alright, first up we have some submissions that some fantastic people need some help with.

Hannah Joy
I need a name for my villainess (is that even a word?). She is a lady in her mid-twenties who was excommunicated by her father on account of marrying the man she loved. Her husband was murdered and she's after the killer--as well as being up against the government (wants the demise of the rich and the uprising of the poor basically). I don't want a weird name--I want a pretty normal name since she's, for the most part, a pretty normal lady. It is actually set in a different world, but it's not fantasy, really. It is basically Industrial Revolution type era, so if we could go off that that'd be awesome. 

I'm looking for three character profiles, one of them is the girl protaginist and the other two, a boy and a girl are the protaginist's best friends. I've already chosen names, but I'd love personalities. But only one of the characters can be sweet.
The protagonist's name is Philadelphia (Dellie) Malbrey, her best friends are Tyler (Ty) Mason and Chloe (Clo) Richardson. Dellie later finds her real name, her elvish name, is Freya Cobalt Galendrof. 

Here's a summary of the story:

After five hundred years of oppression, Azeroth is beginning to wake again, with only one goal. To convert The Gifted; or destroy them.

Dellie has lived her whole life believing she’s just like every other normal teen, only to find one day that she is not normal. She’s not even human.

The Council of Alagaësia calls them The Gifted, we call them Angels

OK so it's very confusing, basically Dellie finds out that she is a very special elf, and is one of The Gifted, and elf breed that is trained to protect humans. In the end she has to make a decision of her life or her friends, she chooses hers, so her character has to be the typical protagonist in that in the end she is a hero. 

The Director
My next month's screenplay is set in a post-apocalyptic/dystopian-ish time, after a deadly virus has wiped out a lot of the world's population. In a dry, desolate desert, a former killer, a suicidal teenager and a biologist who is trying to develop a cure for the virus have to somehow get along and survive... or join the billions of already dead. 
The title of the script is The Seed.
I just need a little boost in the right direction-- maybe motivators for the characters, or a common goal/destination for them. Anything that strikes your fancy to enhance the story ;) 

Eruantien Nenharma
Basically, I don't know what the MacGuffins (things that the heroes have to get a hold of and the villains also want to) for my fantasy trilogy should be. It was originally three magical stones, but that's been done so many times it's not even funny. So I'm trying to figure out what three things the antagonists and protagonists should be fighting over--some sort of weaponry, scrolls? I just have no idea.

(Basically, she has the same problem I have with Dantere's story: what should the great object of power be, and what should it do? To be honest, anything you have to come up with, no matter how 'silly' or 'stupid' you may think it is, will help. That's what brainstorming is anyway.)

And now ve haf de freebies!

From Hannah Joy: freebie is a title for a book/short story, anything. It caught my attention when I thought of it, but I never really went anywhere with it. So, here it is:

A Town Called Remembrance 

From The Director:
I had a character that was a peregrine falcon in a long-gone story named, in various forms, went from the name Thora, to Reana, and she was my MC's closest companion. Feel free to use her if you'd like. She's protective of her master, and very faithful. Does well in hot, dry climates. ;)

From Reformed Squirrel:
Totally at random, a story title popped into my head. Here's the title:

Then There Were Twenty-Nine 

From Eruantien Nenharma:
Here are some names I came up with but never used...


And from Madison:
A whole handful of snippets to use at will!

•I sat there watching golden dust dancing in a beam of sunlight...

•What was the use of it all? Beauty was worth nothing, it faded and withered like the petals of a rose given time. And fame? Fame was a bubble that swelled with it's own importance till it bursts and was gone. And I could forget happines too, after all it was never truly found, and if found it certainly couldnt be kept....

•Rigelis threw the water in the bucket upwards, and for a second it hung, suspended, in seperate drops, each drop catching the radiance of the sun set, before they fell...

•The only thing slower than Bill's walk was his drawl...

•This whole day had felt like one prison door after another, and now mother's worrisome comment slammed the jail doors shut with an ominous clang...

•The way his hands would glide over the keys-it was almost a caress. It was like watching someone dance with technology....


And there it is folks, the problems and freebies for this month's Idea Pool!

If you have some ideas to help us ailing folk, please do not hesitate to speak up!

And if you find you have a problem of your own, go ahead and take a freebie-- or let us know in the comments!

Have fun people!


Abby said...

I'm supposing we should comment our help ideas, not email them?

@Hannah Joy~ For my characters, I use baby naming websites. I especially like because it has a bunch of categories for the names.

@Eruntien Nenharma~ Perhaps it could be a musical instrument or a piece of jewelry (NOT a ring, of course). Or it could be some sort of creature, maybe a bird?

Eruantien Nenharma said...

Well, anybody could email me; you can find the address on my "Whispers of Wind And Song" blog. But here works too.

Musical instrument...I like that! And I like the creatures as well. Thank you!

@Madison: Oh, boy. Character profiles are, like, my favorite thing ever. XD I'll work on some profiles for those characters and show them to you, to see what you think!

Noah Arsenault said...

@Hannah Joy: Have you considered Beatrice?

@The Director: Maybe they find an abandoned mall at one point and explore it?

Hannah Joy said...

Oooh boy. This is so fun! *rubs hands together* ;-)

Thanks muchly for all the ideas so far!!!

Madison: Character profiles? Wonderful! But first of all, I'd like to say I am really liking the idea you have for the storyline. Very intriguing. I love the line, "The Council of Alagaesia calls them the Gifted, we call them Angels."

But as for your characters. Obviously, I am just throwing ideas around, but...

I'd say, for Dellie, that you're going to want to make some of her elvish traits coming out. Just small habits and stuff. But things when she finds out she's an elf, she realizes that's what the deal with those were. Sorry, that's not really personality, but still. Also, does she have parents, and if so, do they know she's an elf? Just some things to think about.

So are these sort of like Guardian Angels? Because, if so, what if Dellie were one of her friends' guardian angels? Like, say she finds out that all along she's Clo's Guardian Angel.

I'm not really helping with personalities, am I? Sorry!

Let's try this again. I'm imagining Ty as a baseball player--you know, boyish, likes to compete, is sort of a protector type. That would kind of show off how humans have the also natural desire to protect each other. Or something.

Clo I sort of am thinking of as creative. You know, likes art--maybe she's a painter or something. Sort of a dreamer type. If you want a "sweet" one, I would say it would be her.

I am not so good at MCs, but I'd say there's some sort of internal conflict. Maybe her being an elf that's supposed to protect people is not like her personality at all. Maybe she doesn't like people that much. I don't know...just throwing ideas around.

Now I'm going to respond to everyone in separate comments, because I think it won't let me post a long comment. ;-) But hopefully, Madison, I've at least gotten your creative juices flowing!

Hannah Joy said...

The Director: Oooooh. This sounds really good so far. I love the mixing of the characters. I really do.

I'm thinking, thus, that it should be pretty character based. Obviously, it is an interesting mixup of people. And I'm sure there is a lot of character background that there is coming in.

I'm thinking that during this whole die-out of people, there are these certain animals that have grown an immunity to the virus. Nobody knows how, but they are the ones surviving--and are also another factor in the killing of people. Meaning, they are, well, killing a lot of people.

Now, the biologist thinks that if he/she can kill one of these animals and examine it (or maybe trap one) that she can find the cure for the virus--seeing as the animals are immune to the virus. The problem is--well, these animals are killers.

Now as for the other characters...the suicidal teen is suicidal for a reason, right? So maybe his/her parents are dead from either the virus or the he/she is found by the biologist and maybe the biologist takes him/her under his/her wing. Or something like that.

As for the former killer... well maybe he/she has reformed or something, and the bioligist (a little warily) has enlisted his/her help because he/she thinks that the former killer person is the one with the best chance at trapping/killing the immune animal.

Well...I hope that got you going...

Hannah Joy said...

Eruantien Nenharma:

What about puzzle pieces? I know that might seem sort of cliche at first, but maybe your protagonists need to find the puzzle pieces to this larger object of power??? I don't know. That sounds kind of weird, but it's an idea.

Or what if the things were flowers? As in, the flowers have powers (hey, I just made a rhyme!) but they haven't been seen for a very long time. Maybe there is one that has the power to restore, and one has the power to destroy and one has the power to connect the two or something???

Kismint said...

@ Hannah Joy:
Wowzers! You have some really inspiring ideas!


I'm sorry if the following are really wierd and/or abstract (seeing as you said your character is pretty normal):

(yes, it's a girl's---in fact, I have a friend who's name is this)
(okay, not sure about this one---it's really more of a last name)
(admittadly: abstract)

...and that's all I can think of spurr of the moment in the A through K area.
I'll haffta get back to you on s'more later (if you like).

God Bless!
K-Mint (who likes this idea pool stuff)

The Director said...

Hannah Joy, for your villain girl, maybe a name like Virelle? It's not *too* flashy, but has a villainous streak I think. Jane is more period-stuckish, though. Catherine? Allis is a good one too.

Noah-- YOU. That's a good idea. I'm using it ^_^

PS I am seconding all of Hannah Joy's ideas for Madison. They're good :D

Charley Robson said...

Just one little note for Hannah Joy - you do know that the name Alagaesia belongs to the Inheritance Cycle, right? Just checking :)

Eruantien, I have a challenge for you - make it something really obscure! Obscure MacGuffins are always more fun. What about certin-shaped sticks? Or items that are literally contradictions of each other - the many-sided circle, et cetra. That could be good.

Also, stealing that second paragraph / line freebie. So perfect for this year's NaNo :D

Jake P. said...

@ The Directer: Apocalyptic virus, creepy abondoned shopping malls, and diverse characters. You know, this sounds like a good time to throw in some bad guys... let's try zombies!!! Oh yeah!:) Time to break out the shotguns. ;)

To everyone else: Great ideas and don't worry. I'm thinking, I'm thinking, I'm thinking, I think I'm thinking... Thnking some more....

The Director said...

@Charley R
I think that remark is meant for Madison, not Hanna Joy ;)

I must enlist your assistance then. I know nothing in the way of zombies :P

Hannah Joy said...

Haha yeah, I was like, "Whaaaa? I couldn't think something like that up!" (I haven't read the Inheritance Cycle, so I would have had to have "made it up".) Anyway.

@K-Mint: Thank you! For your comment, which was very nice, and for all the name ideas! I will definitely consider them. :-D

@The Director: Thank you! Lots of names to consider. ;-)Oh and I'm glad you like my ideas for Madison! :-)

Thanks again everyone! Keep 'em coming! I'm loving reading all of the ideas.

Rachel Rossano said...

@The Director I love the themes you have going there, the one who takes life, the one who is afraid or weary of life, and the one who wants to save life.

I can envision the conversations happening between them. The teenager curious about the end of life and questioning the killer. What is the best way to die? What happens when your victims die? When is the moment of death? And her (I see the teenage as a her) many other morbid questions, detached yet not.

You could make the killer hate that he enjoyed killing. That would make him reluctant to answer the teenager's questions. It would also add tension between the teenager and the killer because he wants to avoid her questions. Her questions would force him to examine what he would rather not admit about himself. Might he be a professional assassin?

The biologist might not really be focusing on the reality of saving the dying. He/she might be more enthralled with the thrill of success.

A great common thread could be what makes life worth fighting for. All three are facing that question. Why did the killer stop killing? Why hasn't the teenager done the deed and ended her life? Why does the biologist strive to preserve life?

I hope these give you some ideas. :)

Thank you for the offer of Thora/Reana. I don't think I need any animal characters right now. I have enough trouble with the human variety. :)

Maddy said...

@Hannah Joy - Brilliant Ideas I love 'em! And they have certainly set my creative juices a'flowing. Your comment about Ty being a baseball player I liked, and got me thinking, I've wanted him to be kinda cute, but I hate it when all my characters are beautiful or handsome, so I thought give it a twist, so I made him a klutz around girls, blushes, stammers, breaks things. Dellie and Clo are the only ones he's comfortable around.
Because of your amazing feedback I thought I'd make it a little clearer what my story is really about. So here's an elongated version of what I gave earlier (ps sparlings is not the real elf name)

Alagaësia is the training place of The Gifted, otherwise known as the Starlings, a form of elves who are trained to protect humans. Philadelphia is one of The Gifted, The Gifted are technically a mistake, years ago a large band of rebelling elves were banished to Earth, and supposedly stripped of their powers, but the routine malfunctioned, and when the elves children grew up they had powers, different powers, new powers. Gifts. An unnatural sixth sense that alerted them when people were in danger, an ability to change the colour of their hair, skin and eyes, and even slightly modify their face, and the ability to move faster than the speed of light. When The Council (who had throughout the years had spies keep an eye on the elves) heard about these elf children their first reaction was anger, but when they realised that maybe these children could be useful their attitudes swiftly changed and the Starlings (as they were later named) were brought to Alagaësia and taught to develop their powers and use them for good. Once trained and grown these elf children would be sent back to earth to protect its inhabitants. Alagaësia calls them The Gifted. We call them Angels.

And lastly about the Guardian thing (sorry this is long) Dellie gets assigned to be the guardian of her least favourite person, her airheaded, dramatic, full of herself cousin Carmody

Maddy said...

@Eruantien Nenharma: I’d appreciate any ideas you have!

@Charlie Robson: Actually I've never read the Inheritance cycle so...naturally I didn't know. OK, thanks for telling me, I'll have to change that. :D Anyone willing to help me further by giving me a fantasy world name?

Maddy said...

@Hannah Joy - OK here's a long list of names (sorry everyone for taking up so much space) hopefully at least one will help.

Adelaide Portia Serena Mandy Ophelia Cornelia Despina Garland Clover Lacy Aspen Freya Asteria Fawn Carmody Lalinka Bronia Wren Albany Raya Cesiel Skyler Lorelin Celosia Lillith(meaning of the night) Bellona(to fight) Fioralba(flower of dawn - could shorten to Fi)

Cozette and Kassadi (Kassady, Cassady etc)All of these mean Quest, a journey towards a goal, I dont know if you like names with meanings but...

Hannah Joy said...

@Maddy: Wow! Again, your story sounds really good. And now that you say it, I love the idea of having Dellie be the guardian of Carmody! That definitely creates some tension. As for Ty, well, maybe you could put the two together. Maybe he's a great baseball player, since he's all around boys and can sort of be in his element but when he's around girls (or even sometimes during school or whatever) he's a klutz. And I suppose if he is a klutz, he's probably a bit shy around everyone but Dellie and Clo. And maybe there's something psychological about why he's so klutzy around girls--maybe he has an overbearing mom or sister or something. I hope you don't mind I'm just writing down every idea that comes to my head....:-)

Oh! one last thing. What if Carmody has some redemptive properties that Dellie can't see (and the reader can't see either)? That might make it interesting.

And thank you so much for the names! I will put them on my consider list!

As for the fantasy world name......well, I'm not so good at those, but one that I am not using anymore is Mirodrk (pronounce: M
Y-ro-dirk). I also always find it interesting when someone uses a real world and turns it into a world/country name. I don't know. Sorry I'm not much help in that area. I have enough trouble thinking of my own place names. ;-)

The Director said...


Here's some world names: Calenvar, Selleian, Yehgard, Iriden, Annellia

Kismint said...

@ Maddy:
(A.K.A., the most random words of gibberish I can come up with)

- Weregen
- Wystared
- Iliyacht
(Heh, like the boat!)
- Istarian
- Algerian
- Persought
(okay, addmittatdly, this one is strange sounding ;)

More later, if you like...though I know these are probably no help whatsoever. ;)

The Director said...

Except Algerian is like... Algeria ;) But I dig those other ones! I actually really like Persought ^_^

Maddy said...

Wow, Thanks everyone brilliant ideas I love 'em all! Your help is making me seriously excited about my novel!

Kismint said...

@ TD:
Oh. Yeah. Right.

*tidal wave of embarressment*

Scratch that one then. ;)

Eruantien Nenharma said...

@Everybody who gave me suggestions: You guys really got me thinking about my fantasy trilogy in general, and I think I've finally gotten the main ideas planned out! Thank you so much! If you want more info, you can check out my "Whispers" blog...not trying to advertise here, I was just excited that you guys managed to dislodge some inspiration from the recesses of my brain. :)

Eruantien Nenharma said...

@Everybody who gave me suggestions: You guys really got me thinking about my fantasy trilogy in general, and I think I've finally gotten the main ideas planned out! Thank you so much! If you want more info, you can check out my "Whispers" blog...not trying to advertise here, I was just excited that you guys managed to dislodge some inspiration from the recesses of my brain. :)

The Director said...

@Rachel Rossano
That helped more than you can imagine. Thank you so much! I'm rather in your debt.

@Everyone else
Has everyone had an idea given to them to help them out? Just making sure ;)

Rachel Rossano said...

@The Director
I am glad I could help. This is sharing ideas is a great idea. ;)

Amaranthine said...


I just realized that I haven't been getting any of your updates on my dashboard for like.......two months.

And here i was thinking you just dropped off the face of the earth. O.O

Going to read catch up posts now...(facepalm)

I read Ender's Shadow and my entire family is listening to Ender's Game via audiobook. I LOVE YOU ENDER"S GAME (kisses book)

Did you read the last Artemis Fowl/Maximum Ride yet? I read the last AF...might post a review soon.

Anyways, sorry for being such a fail.....I re-followed you.

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