Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hey you guys :) aka 7 Random Things

1. I really am a distracted writer. It turns out, Chesney Street wants to be a feature, and so does The Seed (that's a working title by the way, I already don't like it). Unfortunately, I only have one of them outlined according to action. And it's not Chesney Street. That one will take a bit to complete. I'll post what I have of it... eventually.

2. I have been, at long last, caught up in the wonderful, wonderful world (and fandom) that is BBC's Sherlock. Oh, yes, tremble with fear at my obsession, world. [Again with the unfortunates: I've only seen Season 1, but and watching Season 2 this Sunday and already know more about it than I should due to some seriously well done, and heart-wrenching fanvideos. I've have to release my fangirliness in a massive post one of these days. Look out, my friends, it's coming!]


2.1- Sherlock was actually the first thing I had seen Martin Freeman in, besides The Hobbit trailer ;) He is officially one of my favorite actors. The problem is now, I shall watch The Hobbit trailer and think to myself, "What is Watson doing there?" *headdesk*
Oh and Benedict Cumberbatch is lovely, of course. If there was anyone born to play Sherlock, it is him. He's extremely fantastic. 

3. Skyping with blogger friends is infinitely more delightful than Skyping with people I have already spent considerable time with in person. For one thing, with people I already know well, Skyping seems primitive and distant and a difficult way to communicate, whereas when I've never even seen the other person's face, or heard their voice, it seems like the greatest invention ever :)

4. I'm still not done with my freshman year of high school, and my sophomore year is due to start rather soon. Which means I should probably close the computer and get to work. o_O

5. I promise, there shall be a glorious giveaway once I reach 200 followers. Not that I need anymore, you all are more than I ever could hope for. (As I said to someone recently, I wouldn't give up my 20-so closest followers for 1500 who aren't half as nice.) I just thought it would be a good reason to give stuff to you guys :P

6. Perhaps it is due to... other obsessions *cough*, but I've barely had any time to blog. I try not to make these paltry little posts, but it's all I can manage at the moment. Just know, there are lots of things the Lord has been doing, and lots of fun things I've been up to, and I promise I shall share at least some of it with you sometime soon. 

7. I tried thinking of something funny, or at least relevant, to make the 7th random thing, but I couldn't think of anything. The only things I had were along the lines of Sherlock, and I have a feeling I shouldn't release all my pent-up thoughts and emotions about it yet. :P

So, please, I've splurged about life.... kinda. How about you? How's writing, or reading, or school or life or whatever? Gimme your Seven Random Things. 


Charley Robson said...

Haha, good to see you again! I'm busy moving house, at the moment, which involves scrubbing walls with brillo pads, crawling under furniture to find errant screws and chasing moths with a hoover . . . makes me sound like I"ve been locked up in a mental asylum, doesn't it? xD

However, I'm very happy to see you happy. Also, fun fact for you, Sherlockian, Benedict Cumberbatch is doing hte voice of Smaug in The Hobbit, and is also playing a necromancer character! Imagine the fun your brain will have with that ;)

Much love from me - may your work topple like my dismantled bed!

Amaranthine said...

1. You and your Sherlock.

2. Have you started The Last Guardian yet? HAVE YOU????

3. I just realized you have a Code Geass poster on your sidebar.

4. This is where I learned about Code Geass

5. I hope I can skype again soon...I'm sick though so it might have to wait a bit.

6. This is a really good Ender's Game Movie News website: Ender's Ansible.

7. From the website, you can learn that Ender's Game is coming out a week earlier in the UK. IT'S NOT FAIR~

There were my seven random things. XD Now that I am finally re-following your blog, I will comment on all the posts! All of them! XD


Emiko said...

I LOVE SHERLOCK!! It's totally awsome!! :D (yep, I'm another fangirl) The last episode of Season 2 was really good, so I hope you enjoy it!

Hannah Joy said...

Man, I have been wanting to see Sherlock (Martin Freeman is the reason of course), but I have been afraid to ask my mom since she was grumpy enough about us watching the whole series of Robin Hood BBC. O.o

Anyway, onto the seven random things:

1. School for me started already. Meh. Yesterday was, as my sister readily pointed out, the first TGIF of the schoolyear.

2. I haven't written in forever. (by the way, that was the first time trying to italicize on this thing, so if it turns out wrong blame the goblin that inhabits my computer).

3. I am applying for a job. O.O

4. I am learning the cello and I already broke the a-string because I was tuning it wrong. Still, it is a marvelous, deep, gut-wrenching sound.

5. In my dream last night, there were townhouses.

6. I have been rereading (and will finish this time)the Wolves of Willoughby Chase series by Joan Aiken which is major good and everyone should read it.

7. I am super excited for the Hobbit, the Rise of the Guardians, and not too much else.

Ta-da! ;-)

Hannah Joy said...

Huh. The italics did not work. What did I tell you about the gobiln??? ;-)

Pathfinder said...

1). Sherlock is my almost-evil twin
2). One of my Sherlockian friends calls me Sherlock
3). Stephen Moffat's plots are predictable
4). I love how one of the writers (Mark Gatiss) plays Mycroft.
5). Benedict Cumberbatch will make an excellent Smaug
6). And an interesting Khan (Star Trek)
7). Moriarty is just plain annoying.

Jess said...

If I had an account I would follow you (my 10,000-strong ninja army would, too). I already read your blog all the time because Hannah hooked me on it (I am her dreaded sister) but I've only commented like twice before and you won't remember me. Anyway, I'm bored, so I thought I'd bore anyone who happens to read it with a comment from myself.

Random things:

1. Sherlock sounds almost as good as Robin Hood.

2. I stayed up late last night playing "Worlds Apart" (Jars of Clay) on my guitar.

3. Hannah is currently playing a series of children's piano songs on her computer and she won't tell me why.

4. I am reading a good book right now (as in during this general period of time, not as in I'm reading a good book and typing a boring comment at the same time).

5. I wrote a sad poem the other day.

6. I can't stop looking up knitting patterns on Ravelry (Hannah thinks I'm crazy).

7. I had pizza for lunch. Very exciting.

Padmé Arya Éowyn Istalrí Skywalker said...

I'm a new follower, so I don't know a lot about you or your blog, but Hi! You can see what I like at either of my blogs.
I'm so excited about The Hobbit!

Jake said...

I really want to watch Sherlock, but I saw a couple trailers and it seemed...edgy, to put it lightly. Steven Moffat is an incredible writer, but he isn't terribly conservative when it comes to the content he puts in his stuff. Maybe you could give something of a review when you have your Sherlock splurge? ;)

Also, I love Sherlock Holmes in book form. I just got a hardback collector copy of the Complete Sherlock Holmes...EPIC. I hope Moffat did a good job with the series :P

The Director said...

Good! I'm not the only one that totally dislikes Moriarty. I mean, I'm not annoyed, but I see no appeal to like him.

You got it! I shall splurge soon, and will give a bit of a review :)

@To The Rest Of You
I love you, and I shall reply to all of you once I finish some more schoolwork xD

Ely Gyrate said...

1. I loooooooove Sherlock Holmes(and I used to love those actors, but I recently learned stuff about their personal life that sorta ruins them for me.)

2. I also recently learned that I looooooove Doctor Who(getting ready to watch the Hungry Earth with my big brother!)
3. I still have a heavy dislike for Maximum Ride(or any book by James Patterson, for that matter.)

4. Bow ties are cool.

5. I finished my Grade 10 Biology course less than a month before I start my Grade 11 Chemistry course...

6. I got my own computer--however broken and decrepit it may be--the CD drive is broken and the only things that work on it is Open Office, WordPad, and Paint. :)

7. And I believe Eleven is my favorite Doctor.

How's that??? :D

Ely Gyrate

Jake P. said...

Well, well, well, she's not dead after all! :)

(1) Hmmm, I've seen the first season of BBC's Sherlock and enjoyed it quite a bit. I still prefer Robert Downey Jr.'s version (If you haven't seen those, stop what you're doing and watch them. :)) But I still enjoyed Cumberbatch and Freeman.

(2) Skype is.. interesting.

(3) I, too, am finishing my freshman year, preparing for my sophmore. So I know what it's like. :)

(4) I like massive givaways (Please, who doesn't?)!

(5) I went to see The Dark Knight Rises today.... It was so AWESOME!!!!

(6) I can do a almost perfect rendition of Christian Bale's Batman voice.

(7) My Batman voice freaks people out when I sneak up on them and use it on them, especially in the dark.

I think that's seven. ;)

Corey P. said...

1) Sherlock is an awesome show, and Benedict Cumberbatch is awesome. Next to Robert Downey, Jr. (who still holds first place and probably always will), he's the best Sherlock Holmes to hit the screen.

2) You need to watch The Dark Knight Trilogy. Not kidding. Do it. Now.

3) I'm getting ready to start my senior year... then college. Here's to getting drowned in study material. :)

4) I just finished reading The Help by Kathryn Stockett, and I think you would enjoy it. Give it a read sometime and lemme know whatcha think.

5) [Insert something funny and incredibly clever]

6) I noticed you recently watched Life Is Beautiful. Wasn't it brilliant? The best tragi-comedy I've ever scene.

7) That is all.

Kismint said...

@ TD:
Sophmore huh? You haffta tell me what it's like, 'k?

And now I tell the world to rejoice, because today was my first day of highschool, and I'm not still breathing.

@ Jake P:
*shakes hand* Kudos on your batman voice. Go now and save the world.

Kismint said...

@ TD:
Sophmore huh? You haffta tell me what it's like, 'k?

And now I tell the world to rejoice, because today was my first day of highschool, and I'm not still breathing.

@ Jake P:
*shakes hand* Kudos on your batman voice. Go now and save the world.

Jake P. said...

@Kismint: Well at least somebody recognizes my abilities!

Miss Jack Lewis Baillot said...

Cumberbach and Freeman ARE Sherlock and Watson. No one has ever fit into the roles better I don't think. It made me smile that you said you if you watch The Hobbit you will be thinking of Watson. He will be brilliant as Bilbo, but he will ALWAYS be Watson.

I've yet to see the last Sherlock, season two. I had issues...but I now what to see it. Though it will be sad I know.

Kismint said...

We doesn't likes duplicate comments precioussssssss!!

Rachel Rossano said...

Hi! Okay, seven random things...

1) I finished the first-ish draft of that story that began "'The red one is mine,' he said." Sound familiar. ;) It is a book (77 some thousand words) and working its way through beta readers now. :)

2) I have way too many old manuscripts to edit and publish, it is ridiculous. :(

3) I don't want to edit. I want to write.

4) I am amazed you are only in ninth grade and I think it is cool that we are interested in so many of the same things. I am really looking forward to the Sherlock raving. ;)

5) I am sitting at my kitchen table among half-unpacked vacation luggage as I try to catch up on my email and felt compelled to stop long enough to be random with you. :)

6) So, is Silver Eyes a book, short story, or a screenplay? I am super curious.

7) Let me know if you want to read that story (see item one). ;)

The Director said...

@Rachel Rossano

1) Ooh, yay!
2) Drowning in them, eh?
3) Sorry :\
4) :DDD Yes, be prepared for the coming Sherlock raving. Because I owe you a raving. :P
5) I'm so honored! *hugs* Thank you for taking the time!
6) Currently a novel. Also currently on the very back burner....
7) Yes I do! How do I obtain it?

Rachel Rossano said...

Are you still "acertainjedi"? I can send the draft to you. :) You will have to wait longer for the finished ebook, but it is coming.

The Director said...

Yes, I am still acertainjedi :DDD No worries, just the draft will be plenty good enough for now :)

Rachel Rossano said...

Sent. :)

Jake said...

Still waiting for your splurge. ;) *nudgenudge*

The Director said...


Within the next 48 hours. My solemn oath, written in.... er, pixels. :P

The Director said...

Ahh... is this about Mark Gatiss? Then I get it. Otherwise, I can't think of anything problematic... o_O

There are SIX episodes of Sherlock in existence right now. It shouldn't be too hard to convince the mother to let you see a mere six episodes, right?? ;) ;) ;)