Thursday, September 20, 2012

This is important

You MUST watch it right now.

Stop whatever you are doing.

Even if you've seen it already.

Because it's The Hobbit, and The Hobbit is important.

(voice your opinions ecstatic rantings below!)


Cad Bane[slash]Stilwater said...

Watched! Love it! :D

Ely Gyrate said...


I never realized how pretty Gollum's eyes can be in the right light. That's sorta creepy...

Other than that, I seriously CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS TO COME OUT!!!!!! :D I am loving the dwarfs already.


Emiko said...

Haha, I already saw it yesterday. :P AND I'M SO EXCITED!!! I think Martin Freeman will make the perfect Bilbo. :)

Helen said...

"You're late."
"The Director is never late. She arrives precisely when she means to"

Sorry, had to put that in. You're a day late. I posted the trailer yesterday. ha! No, just kidding. I'm really excited to see it. :D:D:D

Charley Robson said...

I am consumed by want, by excitement, and by screams of agony that I will be in Germany when it comes out and will not be able to see it for ages *weeps*

Storyteller said...

WAHOO!!!! This makes me so happy! It looks so good. Thanks for sharing it!

Hannah Joy said...

My Ecstatic Ranting:


Anonymous said...

Loved it!!!!

~Robyn Hoode

Sierra said...

I have probably watched this 20 times already!!!!!!!!! I LOVE it!!!!! Gollum is almost cute in this one... that smile... lol

James The Movie Reviewer said...

The video has been removed. But I love the trailer! It should be the best movie of the year.


Anonymous said...

Happy Hobbit Day!

(posted Sept. 22)

~Robyn Hoode

The Director said...

Thank you! I replaced the link :)

Jake said...



It even has the depth I was hoping :o "Why Bilbo Baggins? Perhaps it is because I am afraid...and he gives me courage."

I don't think I'll be able to watch it until it comes out on DVD though, unless I want to spoil it by watching the pirated version that was filmed in 0.001x0.001 quality in a movie theater. :P

Eurgh xP

Miriam Forster said...


Also Martin Freeman!!!!!


Jack said...

8-D 8-D 8-D December cannot come fast enough!!!!!! I want to go to the midnight showing. No, I almost MUST go.

*Dances about*


Celtic Traveler said...