Thursday, October 11, 2012

In which I owe all of you a thank-you

Sorry it's been a bit, y'all.

I want to show you guys something. It's a screencap from an email I got yesterday morning.

Yes, oh yes, my friends.

The FOCFF is an international festival, open for 13-18 year olds only. And they have a Short Script category, which meant I could qualify all around. This is the first festival I've ever entered. Crazy, yo.

Anyway, I polished and edited that lovely little piece of work one more time, and submitted it last month. And basically, just found out my piece is a finalist.

The actual festival takes place November 1-3, in Michigan, which is when the final results are announced. I'm invited to attend, but I'll be performing in a play all three of those days. Which is a bummer in some ways, but this in and of itself is cool enough. There'll always be another festival ;) I'm sending a hard copy of the script in my stead, though.

Anyway, the reason why I'm bringing this to your attention, is so I can thank all of you.

Because the only reason I'm a finalist in the first film festival I ever enter, is because of you.

You, my wonderful followers, are the people that humored me with my "Script-A-Month" thing. It was you guys that encouraged me and gave me ideas and were there when I needed inspiration.

In other words, it's all your fault. And I say that in the most grateful way imaginable.

There are a few people in the blogosphere that I need to thank in particular. Those people are:

Stephen, aka Farjag, who gave me the piece of dialogue that cinched the story, and is in the final draft. I'm blaming any awards I happen to get on you, man.

Corey Poff, aka The Ink Slinger, for reading and critiquing. Your input helped so much.

For another blogger, Kid In The Front Row, who took the time to take apart that script and give me the final push to make it tighter and cleaner. You might be pleased to know, I got it down to 15 pages for the final draft.

and also for Charley Robson, Kismint, and Hannah Joy, who all have been vastly encouraging, and whose great comments I tend to go back and re-read a lot. Yeah. Thank you, girls :)

Even if I didn't mention you by name- in a way, you all are a fanbase, but even more than that, all of you are an extension of my family. You're my blog family. And you have all been amazing and sweet and are exactly what I have needed. Even when I'm a slacker and never comment on your blogs, or forget to email you back or... I don't know. I just kinda suck at that kind of stuff a lot.

But this goes out to all of you. A sorry, and a huge thank you.

You guys are the best.

And don't worry, I'll keep you updated on the script stuff. (Also, did anyone feel like having another Idea Pool, or what? Actually, I have some ideas, but that's for another post.... ach, look, here I go, I'm rambling again... )

Alright, well, that's all for now. I'll be back soon.