Sunday, December 30, 2012

Condensed Double Review: Les Miserables and Rise of the Guardians

Rise of the Guardians

  • go see it
  • now
  • there's Biblical application every five minutes
  • it's funny but with absolutely no crude humor
  • but also extremely epic
  • so all you dubious people
  • just spend the $10.27 already 
  • so worth it
  • in fact
  • I've seen it three times already
  • it's a beautiful, beautiful film
  • more in-depth later when I have time/energy
Les Miserables
  • good golly miss molly
  • gorgeous
  • perfect casting
  • heart wrenching
  • technically amazing
  • I definitely wouldn't have wanted my 14 year old sister to watch it
  • if I had known the more mature content in the beginning of the story
  • yeah a little tmi for such a sweet and innocent babe
  • but still
  • they handled the sexual content delicately
  • even if it was a tad more 411 than I would want
  • anyway yeah
  • I probably won't see it again for at least a few months
  • because it was super deep
  • but definitely worth the money to see it at least once on a big screen

OK people I've told you everything you need to know so go watch movies already. 

Saturday, December 15, 2012

It's A Very Avengerous Christmas!

So, about two weeks ago I received a package in the mail marked as being from the Avengers.

It also said 'Open Before Christmas.'

Naturally, I then proceeded to open it before Christmas.

I was too excited to remember to take very many pictures, but let's just say I got a gift and a letter from every single Avenger, as well as their one-eyed director and the villain. Among the gifts was a scented candle from Bruce Banner, a handmade scarf from Steve Rogers, a box full of ninja stars from Natasha Romanoff, and a deck of cards from Nick Fury.

I would go into each and every one in detail but.......... this would be a very long post.

Here are the few pictures we got, though!

After much deliberation, I figured out who the culprits were, too.

The completely insane sweethearts who took who knows how long to put together an entirely in-character gift to me were our very own Hannah Joy and Jess!

They entire thing was a huge push to get me back into blogging, too. It pretty much worked ;)

Anyway, this is much shorter than I meant it to be, but I'm just glad to be able to thank them and to share their insane work with you. 

By the way, Hannah and Jess, I rearranged and painted my bedroom. It's now a very smooth pink, and when I have the candle lit in there, it literally smells pink. Let's just say that that candle is one of my favorite objects in the world :D Thank you guys so much. You're crazy. 

Friday, December 14, 2012

Back with a queue!

Sorry, I was without internet for a *cough* few days. This post commencing, the Avengers Christmas post is queued for tomorrow, and right after that, a review for one of the best movies ever created. And surprisingly enough, I don't mean The Hobbit.

Anyway, I was going to publish the Avengers post today, but in the wake of the Connecticut school shooting today, I just wanted to give y'all an exhortation.

A few weeks ago there were two high school student suicides in the same week. And more recently, it's been a rough few days as far as the news go. The other day a man walked into a shopping mall near where my dad works, and killed two people and injured a fifteen year old girl. There would have been more if his gun hadn't jammed. Then this morning, a gunman shoots 27 kids and also his mom who worked at the school.

Guys, this stuff is insane. And the problem isn't higher security or gun control. Neither of those things get to the issues of the heart.

I know it sounds like a sappy facebook post or something, but honestly here, we as a nation have pulled out from under the covering of God. People are so shocked that these horrible things happen and they shouldn't be. It's because the devil is having a frickin' heyday with people because they aren't covered in the truth and grace of Jesus Christ, and they lose perspective and hope and the darkness goes in and messes them up.

It's beyond depressing. But I don't say any of this to discourage you. Rather, I say it to rally all of you.

We all are bearers of light. We are workers, harvesters of souls for the God who died to save us. And the daylight is ebbing away, and before you know it, the time we have allotted to work here will be over.

So what are you going to do about it?

My mother was encouraging me this morning to not get distracted, and to really get filled up and to not slack off and live life for your own enjoyment. And I share that with you. Look at the people in your life that don't know the Lord. Tomorrow isn't promised to anyone.

Consider this a challenge. Don't worry, I'm going to do it too. But see if today you can share the Gospel, or pray with someone that doesn't know the love of God. Because you never know what the rest of the day is holding for you. Time is short, and we gotta dig in and do everything we can to save people. You with me?

Anyway, I promise you all two more posts in the coming week. Sorry for slacking off. Lord bless you all- now go forth and conquer!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

I'm here to talk to you about the Avengers Initiative

Dun dundundun dun dun dun DUN!!!

So basically, I'm back. I hope to regularly post now- at least once a week.

Why am I back?

It will all be clear in my next post, but let's just say for now that there was a collective effort by the world's greatest superheroes to get me back into blogging.

(Ok for some reason now I have Back In Black stuck in my head. You all should be very grateful that you don't have to hear my rendition.)

I'll bring y'all up to speed on the stuff that's kept me from the ol' blog.

  • I'm very pleased to have been a finalist in my first film festival. I didn't win, but I plan on using my finalist prizes to further my screenwriting abilities. The Interlochen Academy hosts film & screenplay courses in the summer. (I might go next year.)
  • Since watching seasons 1 & 2 of BBC Sherlock, I've been on a song writing kick. I wrote an entire set of Sherlock fansongs a few weeks ago. I was sick when I recorded them, though, so they're a little painful to hear. 
  • My sister and I have started watching another BBC show called Merlin. We're six episodes into season one. It's glorious so far. 
  • Continuing the account of my personal life, I'm getting a haircut on Friday for my role in the Nutcracker ballet. My hair reaches almost all the way down my back. It'll be above my shoulder after the cut. I'm excited.
  • Oh yeah, and I've been writing freelance articles and teaching beginning violin lessons. 
  • But basically, nothing has happened that's been interesting enough to blog about. 

Later on this week I'll chronicle the day that the Avengers sent me Christmas presents. 

And then after that.... I'll finally catch up on movie and book reviews! Wa-hoo! 

So how are you all doing? Splendid, I hope :)