Sunday, December 30, 2012

Condensed Double Review: Les Miserables and Rise of the Guardians

Rise of the Guardians

  • go see it
  • now
  • there's Biblical application every five minutes
  • it's funny but with absolutely no crude humor
  • but also extremely epic
  • so all you dubious people
  • just spend the $10.27 already 
  • so worth it
  • in fact
  • I've seen it three times already
  • it's a beautiful, beautiful film
  • more in-depth later when I have time/energy
Les Miserables
  • good golly miss molly
  • gorgeous
  • perfect casting
  • heart wrenching
  • technically amazing
  • I definitely wouldn't have wanted my 14 year old sister to watch it
  • if I had known the more mature content in the beginning of the story
  • yeah a little tmi for such a sweet and innocent babe
  • but still
  • they handled the sexual content delicately
  • even if it was a tad more 411 than I would want
  • anyway yeah
  • I probably won't see it again for at least a few months
  • because it was super deep
  • but definitely worth the money to see it at least once on a big screen

OK people I've told you everything you need to know so go watch movies already. 


Kismint said...

Hmm...I want to see Rise of the Guardians---I really do! I just don't have anyone to convince to come along with me.

Too bad as concerns Les Mis'. It looked really great but...I am a 14 year old sister. ;P

Glad to know you're still abiding somewheres on the face of this dear planet.

God Bless!

Helen said...

What's the matter with yeh, Lassie? Why haven't you reviewed the Hobbit? GO SEE IT RIGHT NOW!

But anyway...I really want to go see the Rise of the Guardians though I already spent all my movie money going to see the Hobbit over and over again. :P

Les Miserables sounds EPIC. I can't wait to see it some time when it comes out on DVD.

Hannah Joy said...

I TOTALLY AGREE ABOUT EVERYTHING ABOUT THE RISE OF THE GUARDIANS. *pant pant* Go see it! Although it's less than $10 where I am. ;-) So if you're around me, cough up the $9.00 already! ;-)

And I totally agree with Helen too. WHERE IS YOUR REVIEW OF THE HOBBIT?????? I saw it the 15th, day after it came out. Line. Out. The door. Baby. XD And I quite embarrassed my party by laughing really really hard so that everyone could hear me. ;-) It was so worth it. We are seeing it again today.

Want to see Les Mis. But what with the Hobbit and Rise of the Guardians (plus two younger brothers who don't need to see that stuff)....well, we're waiting until it's in the dollar theater or DVD. Most likely DVD. But it looks fantastic. :-D

Glad to see you back, Abby!!!!!! Keep up posting so that we don't miss you!!!! :-)

Charley Robson said...

I want to see both those films so badly!!! Mebbe I can make mum take me to RotG, she likes kids' films too. And Les Mis . . . the moment it comes out, I swear . . .

Jess said...

RotG was so good I keep having dreams about it and I don't even dream about movies.


As soon as I saw The Hobbit there was no doubt in my mind about which movie I'd be seeing again in the theater as soon as possible, and which movie I'd be patiently waiting for on DVD for the next time I see it. RotG is brilliant and it blew my expectations away, but The Hobbit is, well, The Hobbit. It's beyond words fantastic. Honestly I can't believe you HAVEN'T seen it yet. Go! Go now!

And just to clear the record, Hannah didn't embarrass EVERYONE in her party. I was laughing and cheering and booing (Saruman haha) right along with her.

And I think we're going to see it again today. *utter happiness*

reformed squirrel said...

Yay, you're back on the bloggy again!

Now I totally want to go see Rise of the Guardians. You have convinced me! But I don't know if I'll be able to see it for a few weeks. Bummer. :(

(BTW your bullet-point-broken-up-sentence style is great. Totally captures the feeling. :)

Jake P. said...

Les Mis sounded really good (and I'm sure it is) but after further consideration we've decided to save it for our home theater where we have the luxury of a remote. :)

And I too, will cry with the other commentees: WHERE IS THE HOBBIT? It was awesome!!!

Cad Bane[slash]Stilwater said...

My sister really wanted to see Rise of the Guardians, but I think we're going to wait until it's out on DVD, as the nearest theatre is about forty minutes away. Meh.

But Les Miserables - wow. That floored me. I love movies packed with emotion and depth, and everything about it just blew me away. I've seen it twice already and I want to see it a third time :)

Jack said...

Rise of the Guardians is a wonderful movie, it is so nice to go to one and not have anything crude in it. So refreshing. I've seen it twice and hope to go a few more times.

Have yet to see Les Miserables but I'm dying to do so.

Aarathyn said...

I was bummed out about Les Miz...we were gonna see it with my aunt. Now we're going to see the Hobbit again. So that's good. And RoTG...AWESOME!! The music is epic...yeah...