Sunday, December 2, 2012

I'm here to talk to you about the Avengers Initiative

Dun dundundun dun dun dun DUN!!!

So basically, I'm back. I hope to regularly post now- at least once a week.

Why am I back?

It will all be clear in my next post, but let's just say for now that there was a collective effort by the world's greatest superheroes to get me back into blogging.

(Ok for some reason now I have Back In Black stuck in my head. You all should be very grateful that you don't have to hear my rendition.)

I'll bring y'all up to speed on the stuff that's kept me from the ol' blog.

  • I'm very pleased to have been a finalist in my first film festival. I didn't win, but I plan on using my finalist prizes to further my screenwriting abilities. The Interlochen Academy hosts film & screenplay courses in the summer. (I might go next year.)
  • Since watching seasons 1 & 2 of BBC Sherlock, I've been on a song writing kick. I wrote an entire set of Sherlock fansongs a few weeks ago. I was sick when I recorded them, though, so they're a little painful to hear. 
  • My sister and I have started watching another BBC show called Merlin. We're six episodes into season one. It's glorious so far. 
  • Continuing the account of my personal life, I'm getting a haircut on Friday for my role in the Nutcracker ballet. My hair reaches almost all the way down my back. It'll be above my shoulder after the cut. I'm excited.
  • Oh yeah, and I've been writing freelance articles and teaching beginning violin lessons. 
  • But basically, nothing has happened that's been interesting enough to blog about. 

Later on this week I'll chronicle the day that the Avengers sent me Christmas presents. 

And then after that.... I'll finally catch up on movie and book reviews! Wa-hoo! 

So how are you all doing? Splendid, I hope :)


Kismint said...

*brandishes sword and waves it around clumsily*

Well met, fellow fangirl. Well met. Since communicated to you last, I have become an avid fan of Merlin.


'Tis, to be confessional, my BBC love.

Except Hulu doesn't have season three (or four...or five...).

*weeps without cease*


Charley Robson said...

YOU'RE BACK! *jumphugs*
Congratulations on your film festival - even a finalist is a big thing, well done!

You busy person . . . I feel thoroughly out done!

Just as a warning . . . Merlin's Season Five has just been confirmed as its last. The whole fandom is crying tears of blood, and being comforted by the Sherlock, Doctor Who and Supernatural fandoms. You know it's bad when THEY feel sorry for you.

I watch it on occasion, but it's just so SILLY I can't quite take it seriously. It's rather good though, for the entertainment factor. The knights are my favourite part xD

Pathfinder said...

Hurrah for Merlin!
Wait. Season five it's last? Whaaaat!? That's just not right. That's worse than Moffat's freaky snowman pictures.

Amaranthine said...

:o I heard "Merlin" and basically "Asa Butterfield" so yeah, I won't understand your fangirling. XD

Glad you're back! <3

Hannah Joy said...


You have to show us a pic of your hair when you get it cut. I'm sure it's gonna be really cute. :-) I've been trying to grow my hair out for YEARS....and it's still only down mid-back. *sigh* WHY??? ;-)

reformed squirrel said...

Yay! You're back on the blog!

Woah, I didn't know your hair was THAT long!

Looking forward to the Avengers/Christmas presents post!


James The Movie Reviewer said...

Glad you liked Sherlock, it is one of my favorite TV series. The ending of season 2 was amamzing. I really liked your Sherlock fan songs, "Here to Stay" was my favorite and I'm looking forward to your Avengers posts.

Jess said...

In the words of Tintin, "!" I can't wait for all of the above.

reformed squirrel said...

Ooh, you won prizes? Hooray!! (I must have missed that on the first read-through.) :)

Helen said...

Welcome back, Director!


I was scared to read this post because I was so tired and already hyper and I feared for the safety of everyone else in the house when I began to think about the Avengers.

Regrets...everyone in the house just covered their ears and a few people are heading into my room now so I will have to close my computer and pretend I saw a bug or something. lol

See you at ballet tonight ;)

Jack said...

Welcome Back!
Oh, you started going back now! I'm on season two.
I hope the Nutcracker goes well for you. I love that ballet.

Jake P. said...

How come the Avengers sent you presents??!!!

Glad to have you back, Abby. Looking forward to your upcoming reviews. :)

Oh, random story about long hair. I saw this lady in Walmart who's hair was so long she stepped on it, yeah... It was rather funny, as you can imagine. :)

Lady Amy said...

Merlin!!! Yay! *cough* returns to normality. Merlin, yeah, yeah, that's a great show. :)

Also, welcome back! :)

Farjag said...

Welcome back, director faire! :D Congratulations on being a finalist! Look forward to seeing your posts again!

Hannah Joy said...

Hullo again! This is totally off the subject, but I HAVE TO SAY IT.

Abby, I just saw The Rise of the Guardians yesterday and it. was. absolutely beautiful. Not even kidding. And if you haven't seen it, GO SEE IT NOW. Because it was pretty much...EPIC. Really. So yeah. Thought I'd stop by and let you know. :-D

(And I remember in your first post about RotG/Jack Frost that you said you hoped there was no crude humor: THERE IS NONE! How cool is that????)

Yeah, I could really rave, but I'll spare you. ;-)

Hawkeye said...

You know, the whole reason we said "Open it Before Christmas" was so that you would post....before Christmas. Just sayin.

Black Widow said...

This is Agent Romanoff. Agent Barton's gruff comment is Hawkeye language for he's worried about you and wants to make sure you are okay, or if you need a superhero rescue. Just so you know.

The Director said...


James, thank you so much!

Jack, yes yes yes! It's a fantastic ballet :)

Jake- eheheheh

Amaranthine- NOOOOO THIS IS NOT ABOUT ASA I ACTUALLY um i have a very big and completely accidental crush on bradley james when i thought i was going to like colin morgan better but oh gosh arthur is the best as you can see this has nothing to do with asa so just shut up ok

no i'm not mad i'm just hyper.

Everyone else- i just want to invite you all over to my house and we can eat yummy food and write awesome books and watching awesome movies ok?