Saturday, December 15, 2012

It's A Very Avengerous Christmas!

So, about two weeks ago I received a package in the mail marked as being from the Avengers.

It also said 'Open Before Christmas.'

Naturally, I then proceeded to open it before Christmas.

I was too excited to remember to take very many pictures, but let's just say I got a gift and a letter from every single Avenger, as well as their one-eyed director and the villain. Among the gifts was a scented candle from Bruce Banner, a handmade scarf from Steve Rogers, a box full of ninja stars from Natasha Romanoff, and a deck of cards from Nick Fury.

I would go into each and every one in detail but.......... this would be a very long post.

Here are the few pictures we got, though!

After much deliberation, I figured out who the culprits were, too.

The completely insane sweethearts who took who knows how long to put together an entirely in-character gift to me were our very own Hannah Joy and Jess!

They entire thing was a huge push to get me back into blogging, too. It pretty much worked ;)

Anyway, this is much shorter than I meant it to be, but I'm just glad to be able to thank them and to share their insane work with you. 

By the way, Hannah and Jess, I rearranged and painted my bedroom. It's now a very smooth pink, and when I have the candle lit in there, it literally smells pink. Let's just say that that candle is one of my favorite objects in the world :D Thank you guys so much. You're crazy. 


Jess said...

The second pic in this post pretty much sums up how I feel about this project. You rock and you deserved everything in it. And it was no trouble at all because we died laughing over all of the letters and had so much fun picking out gifts. I mean, helping pick out gifts--I will let the Avengers know that you liked them. ;-)

Aubrey Hansen said...

That is seriously awesome. :D What a clever gift idea!

Kismint said...

Awww! So ridiculously fantastically sweet of you two (Hannah Joy and Jess)!

And yes TD, we want you to return to blogger world. We miss you much!

With a Merry Christmas wish!

Kismint said...

Ooh, PS:
I like your shoes.

Kismint said...

...And your scarf.

Hannah Joy said...

Gahahaha. Jess said everything I wanted to say (it's what sisters do), so all I can do is agree. And I think Steve Rogers has good taste. You look fantastic in that scarf! :-D

Charley Robson said...

You officially have the coolest friends on the planet. Just saying. Tell them from me that I think they are epic and awesome and I want to meet them. And give them ALL THE AWARDS.

Also, I got YOUR parcel today! Can't WAIT to start reading! You great big sweetheart. And we will meet, one day. You wait and see ;)

Pathfinder said...

That is epic.

Jake P. said...

Ha! Very awesome. :)

Amaranthine said...

That's so cool! Y u no respond to my emails, Abby? Can we skype soon? I miss talking to you XD.


Helen said... sweet! I was wondering who forged my name and sent you ninja stars! No, just kidding. That's adorable. :D

Btw, I was so sugar-high after the Nutcracker performance yesterday I couldn't fall asleep until 2 AM. lol Oh, dear.