Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Brief Ender's Game Splurge

Pardon me.


Need. Sorely want.

Buy it on Redbubble!

Also there are some amazing fansongs..... The first in this group takes images from the graphic novels, so I just prefer to listen to the audio..... don't say I didn't warned you. It's an amazing song though.

And the last one is catchy and downright gorgeous.

I wrote the middle one.


Kismint said...

*claps with thunderous applause*
Wowzers! Awesome with the piano work. Do tell, how long have you played? I'm often trying to write songs on the piano, but I taught myself by ear and never took that kind falls through every time. :(

Ender's Game...Have you done a review on it? My older brother read that book and said it was a little...strange.
I hope I'll be allowed to go and see the movie though (*cough*if only for Asa Butterfield*cough*).

Charley Robson said...

AGH I left the copy you gave me at home! Ah well, I'll read it during my next holiday. If there's dragons involved, I want in.

That, and I want to listen to those fan songs, but can't now because spoilers :P

Amaranthine said...

OH and asdafjlafj you can pre order your very very own official epic wall calendar featuring movie stills


The Director said...

@K-minty well, I've only taught myself by ear and have never... um.... taken lessons. There is hope for you too, my friend :D

And I would recommend you read it, but take your older brother's judgement. If he thinks you would be ok reading it, go forth and conquer :) It does have some stuff in it, but Amaranthine is right about Orson Scott Card.

Yeah, sorry, no actual dragons. Buggers, though :P