Friday, January 4, 2013

thine opinion is needed!

Ok y'all.

If you were working on a futuristic, sci-fi-flavored story, what soundtrack would you listen to to get you in the mood?

I've currently been digging up as much techno as possible, and some action-paced scores.

But this little writer is hankerin' for some new music.

Any suggestions?

It doesn't even have to be strictly techno or whatever either. Whatever pops into your head when I say futuristic and science fiction.

A Very Desperate Writer


Jake said...

Doctor Who almost defines SciFi. The soundtrack is excellent, especially I Am The Doctor, the opening credits for 2005, 2009, 2010, etc. For sad/moving tracks, This Is Gallifrey, The Greatest Story Never Told, The Doctor Forever. For awesomeness, All of the Strange, Strange Creatures.

Then, if you like those, browse soundtracks at will. ^_^

Pathfinder said...

I'll message you

Emiko said... from Star Trek: The Next Generation?? Or maybe Star Wars?? I know, not too helpful, but they're just ideas. :)

Edessa said...

I listen to a lot of different stuff when writing sci-fi because there are a lot of different sub-genres of sci-fi.

Steampunk (or sci-fi with a larger dash of fantasy) - Two Steps from Hell, or "Star Wars" soundtracks by John Williams

Primitive (sci-fi dealing with tribal-ish stuff) - "Avatar" soundtrack by James Horner

Pure Sci-Fi - "TRON: Legacy" soundtrack by Daft Punk

Dystopian (sci-fi dealing with post-Apocolyptic-type stuff) - (a playlist I made for my psychological thriller, but it still works), Butterfly Crash, Audiomachine, Mark Petrie, or any other type of instrumental dubstep/trancestep really.

Hope that was helpful! =D

Hannah Joy said...

No clue at all whatsoever. ;-) What I have on my iPod as for soundtracks consists of Thor soundtrack, the Chronicles of Narnia, and LOTR of course, but the last two probably won't help.

So Thor could be your only option. ;-) Well, I'd try that, if you aren't already, or perhaps Avengers, or maybe something totally off the wall like Five Iron Frenzy music. I dunno. It's weird. Different music will definitely help you with VERY different things in your story.

Cad Bane[slash]Stilwater said...

If you like dark, ambient techno beats, "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" soundtrack is great stuff - over three hours long, so there are a lot of tracks to choose from.

If you like more epic score music leaning towards the sci-fi/fantasy, anything by the group Two Steps from Hell should do the trick, especially their CD "Invincible".

Some bands that I like to listen to when writing science fiction stories are Muse, Abney Park, Within Temptation, and actually, classical piano is great as well - Chopin, Beethoven, Erik Satie, etc.

Finally, some other soundtracks that come into mind are "The Hunger Games" (score AND "Music From District 12 and Beyond"), "Iron Man", "The Twilight Zone", "Alice in Wonderland", and "Inception".

Found this link too, if this will help much:

Charley Robson said...

ANYTHING Doctor Who. Or anything by "Two Steps From Hell" - they do epic orchestral score thingies and are fantastic for any genre!

Also, just to let you know, my blog URL had changed - - so if you could whizz by and check you're still all subscribed and stuff, I'd love it! Otherwise I will miss you and be very sad.

Farjag said...

Have to agree with all the Two Steps from Hell stuff! Also, the Real Steel soundtrack is awesome for a quiet, ever so slightly off-kilter dystopian kind of setting, with some awesome upbeat fighting tracks. I'd also have to ditto the plug for Within Temptation, specifically their Unforgiving album. And if you're looking for Techno, then look no further than the Tron:Legacy soundtrack or anything by Glitch Mob or Blackmill. Awesomeness to a beat.

Also, would it be too much to ask for excerpts when you've written enough? :D

Marian said...

I second the soundtrack for Star Trek: The Next Generation. :) For more dystopic, less-action-packed scenes, definitely Ludovico Einaudi. Also, "Dear Vienna" by Owl City could be considered dystopic, possibly futuristic.

Amaranthine said...

Two Steps From Hell has really good epic music! I also recommend Unofficial Score's Unofficial Hunger Games Soundtrack on youtube.

Hope we get to hear more about the story you're working on!

Aarathyn said...

Thousand Foot Krutch is really good. The End is Where We Begin is a really good album of theirs. And have you ever heard of Kiros? They're pretty good too!

Jack said...

When you mentioned that I thought of The Avengers...not completely futuristic I suppose, but that's what came to mind.

Aarathyn said...

Movie soundtracks are cool....Really cool....Alexandre Desplat, John Powell...not exactly techno...but awesome. ;D

Jess said...

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Aarathyn said...

Spam... :{

Aarathyn said...

Chayal is 16? Happy late birthday!

The Director said...

Aarathyn oh my goodness I haven't been called Chayal in ages.... wow I'm tearing up :P

Aarathyn said...

@Chayal/TD, You really should get back on the UG! Elethia and I miss you!

Anonymous said...

Definitely the Tron Legacy Soundtrack! It's epic... Sometimes I watch the movie for the sake of the music alone. By the way, the very idea of a futuristic sci-fi fantasy sounds really cool. Blessings on your writing! :)