Thursday, February 21, 2013

a speculative glance at a conversation

"If only you knew what delights I have planned for you," Writer murmured to Character.

"I am sure it is wonderful," replied Character. "But perhaps it could come sooner?"

"Alas," said the Writer, "I'm afraid a great many hard things must come first. But do not fear. My pen tells only good tales."

Character was silent for awhile.

"Dear Writer, why must it happen this way? Surely you can scratch out an easier path for me to walk."

"I could," said He, "but it would not make for much of a story."

"Story!" squeaked Character. "Is that what you care about? An good story for the telling, but not about how I fare in it?"

Writer waited until Character was ready to listen.

"You talk as if the whole universe spun around for you."

Character could make no response.

"I let it happen this way because you will be changed, and better, for it. And your story is not written for your benefit alone. In fact, you are not even the main character. But I will take care of you nonetheless."

Character thought about this.

"I am sorry I was so selfish." said Character at last.

"All is forgiven," said Writer.

"Do you promise that my life's pages will be in your hands alone? That you will not turn this work over to a less Wise and Gentle master?"

"With my blood," promised Writer.

"Then write on," said Character, "Write on. My mind is made: I will never be in a better place than when I bow to your pen."


Aarathyn said...

That sounds kind of allegorical.... ;)

Kismint said...


That's all.

Just perfect.

Pathfinder said...

Alice. (How could I miss that earlier???)
All is now clear.

Lainie said...

Love you...

Hannah Joy said...

Absolutely beautiful. :-)

I mean, just imagine how carefully God writes our stories? We think He's like super mean all the time (that was a real teenager sentence ;-)) but in reality He is just working through us and around us.

And someday, we'll look back over the story told and smile because all that pain and all that craziness just made us who we are and brought us before the throne of God.

So perfect, Abby.

'Slippers said...

I've missed your post's.You should post more of your awesomeness and wisdom, my friend.

Charley Robson said...

So lovely! Though I fear my own attept at this would go more like this:

"if only you knew what delights I have planned for you," writer murmured to character.

"YOU'LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE!" screamed the character, vaulting out of a top floor window and vanishing into the middle distance in a cloud of dust, panic, and witless gibbering.

Charley Robson said...
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Farjag said...

I take off my hat to you, miss! Very well spoken!

Jack said...

Lovely!!! And thought provoking.

Aarathyn Arvell said...

Tag, you're it!