Thursday, April 25, 2013

Selections from Chapter 6

Proverbs 6, verses 6-11

Go to the ant, O sluggard
Observe her ways and be wise

Wisdom can be gleaned from even the smallest of creatures. The sluggard, one who is not industrious and is overly fond of rest. Lazy. Not inclined to work hard, to find a good excuse to get out of it.

Which, having no chief, officer or ruler

The ant does not need someone to tell her what to do. The ant doesn't lay around until someone forces her to get crackin'. The ant knows what needs to be done and does it through her own motivation. Always.

Prepares her food in the summer
and gathers her provision in the harvest

She looks ahead to the future. She isn't caught up in the here and now but keeps a proper perspective on life- just as the believer should keep an eternal perspective and not just be concerned with today. Think of the consequences your actions will have on your life farther down the road.

How long will you lie down, O sluggard?
When will you arise from your sleep?

Awake sleeper, and rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you.
Indulging the desires of your flesh will serve you ill. How long will you indulge your rest which will do you harm?

"A little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to rest---"

A little more time on the internet. A little more time watching empty videos on Youtube. A little more time on your dash. A little more time goofing off. A little more time letting your brain wander from matters of heavenly importance.

Your poverty will come in like a vagabond
And your need like an armed man

You will not realize you are poor and lacking until the truth of it has slipped completely into your life.
You will be unable to resist acknowledging it.
It will be as ferocious as a warrior, and you cannot resist it.

Fight the good fight, master the dillydallying of the flesh with prudence and foresight, before you fall prey to poverty in provisions and soul.

verses 20-23

My son, observe the commandments of your father
And do not forsake the teaching of your mother

Your parents as well as your elders in the faith. They have all walking the path of life before you. Pay heed to their words, though they may be tiresome to hear, or seemingly useless. Do not think yourself above what they have to offer.

Bind them continually on your heart; 
tie them around your neck

What is it you hold closest to you? Books that have guided you? Fictional characters? Words of people of influence? Hold godly wisdom, hold His word, closer than anything.

When you walk about, they will guide you;

As you live and grow and journey through life, the things you have been taught will be the roadsigns, the traffic lights, the guardrails and the paint on the road.

When you sleep, they will watch over you;

You need not even fear while you sleep if you live in godliness and godly counsel. The Creator of the Universe blesses those who walk in His ways- they allow themselves to be blessed by Him. Walking in His statutes keep you from unnecessary harm. 

And when you awake, they will talk to you

When you arise, they are the guiding voices in your ear, the first thing your mind goes to.
This is precious. This guide, this guardian, this voice. It ought to be so precious to a believer that they are willing to forsake the paltry things of this world that do not satisfy to hold on to that which truly rewards. 

For the commandment is a lamp 
and the teaching is light;
And reproofs for discipline are the way of life

People often say they don't want restrictions, for people to tell them what to do. But it is a big, big world, and it's easy to get lost. How else are you to walk in the light and in the way of truth than through teaching and discipline? How else are you to be sure your feet are not leading you to death?

We have a sinful nature, brought on by Adam's fall in Eden. And yet our merciful God has provided salvation from our rightful doom through the blood of His son Jesus Christ, and wisdom by which to live our lives. What glorious life we can have, if we so desire it. 


hannah.scheie said...

I love it! Proverbs is so wise, and so are you from gleaning from it! <3

Eli OKeefe said...

Oh there is so much in Proverbs, I've read and studied through it at least three times, I'm doing it again and still finding new values!

Hannah Joy said...

Ah, this is amazing, and humbling. Thanks for posting this, Abby. It is so easy to get lost in human desires and "needs". I often forget what's really important--GOD.

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