Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Man Of Steel (a stellar review condensed into a burst of fangirl love)

Flawless casting was flawless.

Flawless cinematography was flawless.

Flawless editing was flawless.

Flawless music was flawless.

Flawless costumes were flawless.

Flawless fight scenes were flawless.

Flawless poignant scenes were flawless.

Flawless lens flares were flawless.


It was compassionate. It was brave. It was grim. It was beautiful.

I came in with no previous Superman-related film (or comics or cartoons) before this film. I came in fairly unprejudiced, but with the foreknowledge of very mixed reviews from Superman buffs.

Anyway, I sat down in that packed theater tonight, not expecting anything in particular, but prepared to love it and ready for it to prove it's worth to me.

It didn't fail. Not an ounce.

Maybe I will be more critical the second time around. I mean, I am definitely sick of New York being torn to tiny shreds, and explosions, but I guess fights between non-humans would do that to any city... and there was more personal, hand-to-hand combat than explosions (I think. Not that I counted or anything.) which made it more acceptable as well.

I loved how Kent's story was portrayed. I loved the amount of emotion that was brought to the table. I loved the fact that I saw biblical parallels, and not just concerning Kent, every five minutes. I loved the fact that as the credits rolled and came to end, there were still little groups of people in the rows, talking animatedly and geeking out- about the new, the old, the future sequels. I just closed my eyes and basked in the moment of all these other fans in love with this fictional creation.

Basically, please go do yourself a favor and go see Man Of Steel. Whatever your final opinion of it will be, I'm pretty sure it will be worth it.

Edit 7/3/2013: I have just finished watching the 1978 Superman film starring Christopher Reeve. I loved it. It was glorious. But now, I can honestly say, comparing Man of Steel to that film (and sequels, I imagine) is like comparing a cucumber and a peach. There's just no doing it. If Zack Snyder and crew had tried to imitate the feel-good (and possibly campy) mood of the original film, they would have taken severe hits for not being the exact same film. That Superman film is something completely it's own and impossible to replicate, particularly because we're not in the 70s anymore. 
I'm really glad with the direction Man of Steel has taken. It's completely different to Superman, and while the themes are very common with most sci-fi and action today, I think it was still a good choice, and I hope the sequel does very well. 
If you're looking for the cheer and the gusto of the old film, you're not gonna find it in Man of Steel. But you will still find a pretty darn good superman story. 


Josiphine said...

But what about this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJ5DwzVdbWE

I'm not sure I can really watch this because of it.

The Director said...

I hope you're joking because I am dying of laughter.

Seriously next time I see it I am going to bust up laughing in the theater because of that.

Besides, they don't have kryptonite as his weakness in this film, anyway...

The Director said...

I have a literal answer for you though.



Josiphine said...

Oh, goodness. I'm dying of laughter right now. I can't wait to show it to my sister.

My faith in this movie has been restored.

The Director said...

This pleases me greatly.

And now.

Get thee, to a cinema!

reformed squirrel said...

Yay!! Bloggy!

Hannah Joy said...

Hahahahhahahahaha both of those videos cracked me up.

I might just have to see Man of Steel...I thought the trailer looked pretty awesome, but I didn't want to get my hopes up. But now The Director has spoken.....