Wednesday, September 11, 2013

New Script!

I can't believe I didn't blog this when I finished it, but I wrote a short script a bit ago, called CRUX.
And, Lord willing, I plan on shooting it in the summer next year.  (Now that will be blog post fodder for sure!)

However, there's no way I could lock in the script without my oh-so-trusy blog audience to give it a once over! So here it is, and if you have loads of critique, please email me at acertainjedi[at]gmail[dot]com. But do feel free to just comment, too :)

And I'm kind of sorry for the watermark. It should still be readable (though you may need to zoom your screen a bit), and I just really don't want this stolen by some random bloke off the internet. Heh.


reformed squirrel said...

I can't believe no one's commented on this!

Anyway, this is cool. One thing though. At the end, what do you mean by "an epilogue"? Also, out of curiosity, what does OS mean in script-ese? :)

It's rather nice to see a script on the Director's blog after so long. :)

Aarathyn Arvell said...

This is cool! Film it and post it on Youtube for us!!!!!!

Kismint said...

So great to have a new script from you to read!! :D
I like all this scriptwriting stuff. Maybe someday I'll try my hand at it.

I love the way this one turned out. You have a gift for making things truly meaningful without weighing it down or making it sound like you're trying to hard. I love how you're able to tie ties and conclude. It's impressive, and a joy to read.

At the same time, this story is sad. I'd love to see it need to get on that TD, we won't give you a break until you've released it. ;P

Continue on with the awesomeness,

reformed squirrel said...

And by the way, I think your Sherlock violin graphic on the sidebar is pretty cool. :)

Knowledge Ninja said...

ah, bless you. Epilogue is simply referring to the fact that the end of this world is only the beginning of eternity- and not the end, at all.
And OS means off-screen, referring to sounds heard ;)

And thanks, about the graphic! I found it somewhere and loved it :P

Thanks, I plan to!

Oh my gosh, that means SO MUCH. *hugs you to death* Bless you, thank you! And yes, I am working on producing it! *rubs hands* Off to go find some money and some actors :P

T.D. said...

Shoot, the above comment is T.D., my sister was logged in. Whoops! xD

Jake said...

That's pretty much brilliant. I only had time to speed-read, but I loved it.

I love the style of screenwriting, seriously. I need to take Screenwriting for Dummies or something. My mind is wired for deep in-head POV prose, so the one project I attempted got so tangled up and took up so much time that I had to stop. (Also I really ought to have been working on my eighty thousand word WIP at that point.)

Again, great stuff. :D

Char said...

I'm loving this, darlin! I don't check in with your blog as much as I should, but honey, you've got talent! <3