Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Updates and New Poll!

I don't have access to a laptop these days, so all of my school papers are being handwritten.

And according to my mom, my handwriting is so minuscule that she needs a magnifying glass to read it. Unfortunately, my sense of space/paper conversation is more important to me than ease of reading. Which may be backwards priorities, but tell that to my poor writing hand.

Anyway, this generally led to the idea that perhaps I should blog my school papers, since blogger is the only format on our family computer that gets my writing brain going.

So, prepare to be slightly bombarded by school papers. Don't worry, they'll be beneath a jump so you won't be bored by them. I'm just letting you know that they will be magically appearing periodically.

Oh, and while we're talking of new stuff on the blog, what do YOU want to see more of? Poll is here at the top of the blog, right beneath my about. It's been so long since I've blogged in earnest and I've changed so much that I almost don't know what to post about. Please share your opinion. I kinda sorta need it!

Hope you all are doing well and that you are growing every day in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Nita said...

I have my kids do their papers and assignments on edublogs.org and their regular blogs on blogger. You may want to start a blog just for your school work. Enjoy!

Hannah Joy said...

Hey, I don't mind reading school papers! ;-)