Monday, October 28, 2013

After The High

No, I'm not doing drugs, this is a spiritual high I'm talking about.

Sure, I'm sure we've all had amazing, spiritually-high days. When you feel the Lord working, you can hear His voice, worship just sets your heart reeling in overwhelming happiness, you're learning and growing and you feel good, really good about where you are in your walk of faith.

What happens the day after that, when the glow starts to dim like Moses' face after he came down from the mountain? How about the week, the month after, when you try and tune in to the Lord and instead of clear words, it seems like radio static? Your faith isn't shaking, but your enthusiasm and energy are draining.

Those are the frustrating days. The days between 'revelation,' between renewing. The long valleys between mountains. What do you do with those?

I don't know.

Here's all I know. Do the next right thing. 

But what does that look like?

Well, for me, it means continuing to get my schoolwork done. It's my job to be a student right now. Study. Do my homework. It means continue to be a functioning member of my household, in obedience to my parents, loving and kind to my siblings. It means I continue to read my Bible and go to church and be encouraged by my brothers and sisters. It means apply the things I've already learned.

Wake up, do the things I know to do, go to bed. Wake up, do the things I know to do, go to bed. repeat ad nauseam.

Just. Keep. Plugging. Away.

This is the hard part. It's hard to blog about because nothing remarkable happens. You just keep going.

For me, it kinda feels like having received orders from my Commanding Officer, and having to dig in and get hard, grueling work done. Checking in is wonderful, but you're not going to get fresh new orders until the things you've already been given are accomplished. It's not a bad thing, it just means keep going. 

It's hard to remember, a lot of the time. It's easy to be frustrated. Imagine a soldier plodding through some unknown territory, or maybe plodding down the same patrol route he's been on for weeks. Maybe he thinks "I'm doing something wrong, nothing's happening!" Maybe he's frustrated because it's mundane, it's hard, it's boring.

And yet, if he's obeying his last set of given orders, he's exactly where his authority wants, and needs him to be.

Maybe that helps, and maybe it doesn't. But if you're like me and get easily discouraged after coming down from a spiritual place of awesomeness, don't you fret. There are mountains and there are valleys in this life, and we learn and grow as we climb, or plod, through each.

Walking in obedience sounds easy. So easy we might even blow it off. But trying doing it day after day, every day, not just when you "feel good."

That's gutsy. And we can't even do it without the grace of our Lord and Savior.

So here's to each and every one of you, wherever you are in your walk: don't be dismayed or discouraged! The Lord is on your side. Have a soft heart to obey Him. And even when you feel alone in a valley, you are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, brothers and sisters beside you, ready to cheer you along the course.

Endurance and Victory


Jess said...

Thank you. "We asked to see Your face and noticed nothing but the well-timed, honest smile from a friend."

Hannah Joy said...

Ah yes. Endurance and Victory. I want a t-shirt that says that. I want to plaster it all over my wall.

Because seriously, after the high things really do get hard. It's hard to remember to press on, through the mist and shadows, to the edge of night....okay, no more LOTR quotes...but you get the gist. ;-D

Thank you for this beautiful reminder that we are not alone when we walk in the Valley of the Shadow.