Tuesday, October 8, 2013

being grateful

 for sunny bright days

 for cloudy days when the skies rain buckets

 for being sick, because it's slowed me down, and I've gotten to know the Lord better

 for PCC because seriously, college rocks

 for music and instruments- play one in public and you will make friends

 for the prayer shawl that was made for me that i had no idea about until it was handed to me

 for new friends and new places

 for awesome professors

 for driving

 for food because food

 for amazing friends. i say friends, but they're more like small gangs. posses.

 realizing i have been blessed with so many dear sisters in Christ
  to hear them pray

   to pray for them

    to fellowship and to love, and know that i am loved

 for hilarious family members

 for laughter

 for God, because God is good

  nothing but good


Kismint said...

*sheepishly crawls out from under chair*
(Sorry I haven't been around much...I still have that afore-mentioned-but-never-sent-email that needs to get done, don't I??)

I love this. It's encouraging. It's uplifting. And it's a reminder.
---also, I'm glad you're liking college. It's really weird, I have a few years of highschool left, but for some reason, I suddenly have this odd excitement that comes whenever I think about become a post-grad. Kind of like thinking about Christmas. Though, in truth, nothing beats Christmas, huh?

But yeah. Yousa keep being brilliant, okay?

(PS: I haven't been doing much musical stuff lately like I thought I would, but I've just ordered the mic I was in need of, and so hopefully I'll have audio stuff to work with. *yay* Please don't think that I've forgotten about or idea of collabing!!)

With love and jellyfish,

Marian said...

Love this post! You're right, gratefulness is often about perspective...my perspective has been pretty bleak lately, so it was good to read this.

Hannah Joy said...


<3 this post. :-)

T.D. said...

Awww hi darling! You're wonderful, no worries! You'll love college- I'm still a junior but I'm taking two classes anyway, and it's really really fun.

(No worries! Life happens, we'll get to it eventually, no sweat! <3)

Sorry you've been down, love! Glad this helped.

@Hannah Joy
I <3 YOU