Thursday, October 17, 2013

I'll See You All Next Week!

Yes, I will be vlogging the whole trip, but I'm positive that there will be room for a blog post or two when I get back, as well!

Thank you guys, my readership, for being awesome. Because you guys are awesome. Without this blog, so many of my scripts would never have been written! I can't wait to go on this little adventure...the Lord is incredible. I never saw this coming. *huge grin*

Take care this weekend. I'll be back with a yarn or two on my return. 


Hannah Joy said...

YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO PUMPED FOR YOU! HAVE FUN!!!!! In the words of Edna, "And call me when you get back, dahling, I enjoy our visits." ;-)


*goes to do a happy dance*

T.D. said...

Thank you THANK YOU! And seriously you just made my day because EDNA!!!!! :D:D:D