Tuesday, October 1, 2013

When the heck did it become October?!?

I honestly don't know where September went.

About four this afternoon I looked up with a startled look and yelled, "IS IT OCTOBER?"

I'm not sure I'm ready for September to be gone. It's been a great month. Here in Oregon, the weather has been gorgeous. Anywhere between heavy rain and blue, sunlit days. I've made somewhere around eight new friends this month. I'm in the midst of my junior of high school, and taking two college classes on top of that, and it's been absolutely nuts but fun. Forget spring, September is the month of new beginnings!

And it's oooveeerrrr and I don't know how.

I've been sick since the beginning of August, as well. I'm sure that didn't help with making the last month seem like a blink. I've spent half of it in bed with a fever!

I love fall. I really do. But it also means:

the sunset is earlier
the nights will be colder
schoolwork's gonna get harder (not like that's really a bad thing, but hey)
I'm probably gonna be tireder (I know that's not a word. Case in point. I'm tireder.)
my writing brain is going to be inspired by the dreary beauty of fall and I have too much homework to have that problem.

and now's the time when the novelty of new things wears off, you gotta dig in, and just do it.

Am I ready? I have no idea! Guess I'm gonna find out.


This has been an impulse post courtesy of October 1st. 

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'Slippers said...

I'm with you on this one Director! I'm not ready for october :o