Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Long Overdue Hornblower Appreciation Post

 I have been waiting to make this post for years and the time has finally come.

I was foolishly procrastinating on some homework and decided to scour the internet for Hornblower, well, everything. 

For those ignorant, soon to be fully informed, Horatio Hornblower is a character created by the writer C. S. Forester. He is a Napoleonic Wars era officer in the British Navy, and throughout his entire career he has one sort of adventure after another. The series is 11 books long. And there is a miniseries created by A&E that is eight episodes long.

I hold all of them- books and episodes- very close to my heart.

The time has now come for me to share this beauty with you.

My internet scouring mainly resulted in photosets and a few amusing posts/cartoons. This is not a review post, it's more of a fangirl-gushing general appreciation, ah, thing.

If you already are acquainted with Hornblower, then glorious. We shall gush together. If you haven't read or seen Horatio Hornblower, then my friend, you must. 

This is quite long because there are so many photos, so I'm sticking the rest beneath a jump.

But here's a pretty photoset to lure you in.

(I'm going to address Pathfinder Swiftpen several times throughout this post because I meant to send her a bunch of these pictures, but it seemed more efficient to make the blog post, add some commentary, and call it good)

This appreciation post is basically spoiler-free.

BBC POTC without pirates how could this go wrong people seriously. 

Well first of all can we talk about men in uniform. 

Ahhha okay. Moving on. 

Here, we have a Ioan. 

Ioan is important. 

He's Welsh and wonderful. 

Incidentally he plays the title character. 

(I really liked this picture for some reason.)

As you can see he's quite pretty. 

Also not to be confused with his role in Amazing Grace as William Wilberforce.

Ioan aside, another thing to love about the miniseries in particular is the rather swashbuckling (I mistyped it "squashbucking" three times wow) and close-knit way that life on board a vessel in Her Majesty's Navy is portrayed. 

Matthews, Finch, Oldroyd, and Stiles. They are fabulous. 

(Pathfinder this is something I would say, seriously.)

Ladies and gentlemen this is Midshipman Archie Kennedy and you will love him. 

In fact here's some mini and also moody Archie spam. Because where else am I gonna put it. 

The next and possibly most important thing to love about the Horatio Hornblower miniseries is the sense of camaraderie, of devotion and brotherhood amongst Archie, Horatio, and William Bush in particular. 

(his concerned face Pathfinder look at it)

Friends are a good idea. A very good idea. 

Another thing I must point out is Captain Sir Edward Pellew. 

Pellew is the actual best and there is no denying it. 

 look at his reaction to this interaction seriously his face is the actual best thing ever

I couldn't find any particularly glorious pictures of him unfortunately so you'll just have to take my word for his awesomeness. 

Also, the game being played above is whist and if you're a true Hornblower fan you've tried to play it at least once. 

I turned it into a family usual, without the betting and losing money obviously, for several months back when we watch the episodes for the first time. 

I'm not sure whether to bring up the french next, or hats. 

Let's go hats. 

(Pathfinder what is Archie's hat here seriously like what.)

So. Many. Hats. 

(also look Horatio's face actually does that thinking face stress line thing you and I were talking about.
What is life.)

These hats and also their faces seriously. 

The chap on the right is a frenchman by the way. 


Pfft, Mr. Bush. 

Some frenchman are... well... c'est bizarre. 

Others come with stronger accents but are decent, even awesome people all around. 

Like this one. 
The tension between his and "Monsieur Bush" is pretty hysterical nonetheless. 

(This is apparently an illustration in an edition of one of the books and I cannot stop laughing
at the caption for some reason.)

Another thing is the light is quite pretty especially in these photosets. 

Epic Horatio is epic. 

(I really enjoy this picture. 
It makes me think of Jack Aubrey and Stephen Maturin except without instruments.)

Another thing that is mainly found in the books is Horatio's dour, stoic outlook on life. 
He's also tone deaf. 

Also he cannot help loathing himself and it makes a curious clash with his stunning ambition. 


Oops I saved the goofy pictures for last. Possibly a mistake.

*shakes head*

I'm sorry I cannot resist sharing these faces. 

(This last one I cannot stop laughing. It reminds me of you for some unknown reason.)

Also here's Mr. Bush with sunglasses which I found startling at first. 

If you enjoy historical fiction, seafare, the British Navy, well-wrought and heroic, though flawed, characters, and a good adventure...

well you know what I'm going to say. 

Read Hornblower.

Watch Hornblower. 

All of the Hornblower.

This has been a Horatio Hornblower appreciation post. 


Hannah Joy said...


Yes, this was long overdue.

Gosh I love this show.



"I don't like your tone of voice!"

Jess said...

"I can see why you joined the navy."

The only thing missing from this post is Orrock (I think that's how you spell it). His awesome Irish, "My sore head is mending" had me rewinding and replaying more than once. XD

"That frog is a good frog."

Agh I want to watch it again so much.

Marian said...

A HORNBLOWER POST YEEEEEESSSSS!!! Seriously this made my day! Love the pics and your comments and Captain Pellew, and the witty humor, and the uneeforms, and BUSH and of course Hornblower... <3 This was my show when everyone else was watching POTC.

Emiko said...

I absolutely love Hornblower!!! Thanks so much for this post, it's great to know people still watch and love this series!! Oh, and I especially loved the pictures of Archie, he's my favorite character alongside Hornblower! :D

Pathfinder said...

*reaching for inhaler*

(I have no I idea how to respond to those because they're all mostly true. Except Archie's hat is cooler than Horatio's because bicorns are ridiculous)

(It still kinda disturbs be how much I resemble that character in face and otherwise)

Charley Robson said...

I LOVE Hornblower. Admittedly I've only ever seen the series, but they are so fantastic and these pictures are brilliant. THAT PELLEW CARTOON. I'm dying omg xD

Lady Barbara said...

Thanks a lot for posting these pics and gifs - there never can be enough Hornblower and Ioan Gruffudd.

I really enjoyed your blog!

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Orchard Ranch said...

This is a fantastic post! It's nice to know other people have been hit with the Hornblower as hard as I was. The Pellew cartoon is brilliant! I've bookmarked this for Those Days when a dose of Happy is in order.

Hannah Mary said...

Hey! I just found your blog, and I really like it! I'm now following :)

Okay, this post makes me realize that I need to check out this show. Wow! I'd never heard of it before now. There's a lot of great actors I recognize! I'll have to check it out.

I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts!

jenna angle said...

What a great post..

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Melanie Pearson said...

This is a marvelous post, thanks for doing it :D Love the pics, they`re great :D I was hooked on Hornblower instantly when i first saw it on tv years ago. Have finally got the DVD`s. They get watched a lot!