Monday, November 11, 2013

sometimes I wax eloquent on accident

"The Bible is, essentially, all about access. Mankind's access to God. From the Garden of Eden to the events of Revelation. 
From Adam's descent from holiness, from mankind's fall from perfection. To God's calling of Abraham, a heathen, to become the father of a nation. Proving His love and power and glory again and again to that nation, a beacon and testament to the surrounding peoples. To Mary, the birth of Jesus- God allowing Himself to be contained in a mortal vessel, living as one of us, sinning not, letting His creations mock and scorn and slay Him, making it possible for us to be with Him again by His blood and resurrection. Releasing us from the bondage of sin, allowing there to be peace between God and men. To His coming, which we look forward to not with wishful thinking or futile hope, but with a certainty stronger than a watchman on a wall awaiting the dawn.  

This world is a long poetry, an epic saga of God, the maker of this world, showing Himself to mankind, inviting them to join Him: to go places they would never reach on their own, doing wonders, defying sinful human nature by His Spirit; experiencing life, truth, understanding the mysteries of the world, dancing the ever enchanting spiritual dance of communion and peace with God, having the immeasurable hole that is carved in every one of our hearts, filled. And certainty of the future, of our passing from these mortal vessels to eternal ones, in the presence and unending fellowship of the One who loves us more perfectly than anything we can imagine. 
It is glorious. Utterly glorious. To sit in one's bedroom with an open Bible in your lap and know that God is there with you. To step outside and survey the trees, the sky, the clouds, and know that God placed them there. To know the Creator. To no longer struggle against Him, nor fight in our strength against our fallen nature, but to understand that we are filled and covered by the Almighty Spirit of God from whom all good things come. That it is not a boring, mundane, safe, or pain-free life we signed up for by asking Jesus Christ into our hearts and lives, but rather an adventure that will outlast our stay on Earth. To understand that we were made by and for God. That we will never truly be happier than when we are in fellowship with Him, learning more about Him, rejoicing and worshipping this great, boundless, perfect, unfathomable Being who is truly unmatched. Who spoke everything we know into existence, and sings over us. Who delights in you. Who bled for you. And who cannot wait to be in true, eternal fellowship with His bride.
And I, for one, cannot wait for the day when we shall experience Love in its- rather, His truest and most perfect form. "
~taken and embellished from my Bible journal


Meggie said...

That's so awesome, I have thought of writing such a similar thing! The fresh words and outlook make it soo good :)


jenna angle said...

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