Monday, April 7, 2014

Back To Screenwriting

Five years is too long to go without making a movie.

So, this summer, Lord willing, I'm going to throw together my first real short. It's an adaptation of a work of fiction by a beloved author: G. K. Chesterton.

And I can't try to sound serious and professional anymore I'm eating tater tots as I type this for crying out loud.

Ok so I adapted the first chapter of The Man Who Was Thursday by good old G. K. into a short film set in the present time while still preserving the early-1900s air. Visually, it will look almost as if the characters are rehearsing a period play in full costume in a contemporary cafe. It's going to be so weird I can't WAIT.

Almost all of the dialogue is straight out of the chapter. I think it would make an intriguing short, and it's a way to personally celebrate an author I have recently been delighting in, from taking notes on Heretics late at night to doing dramatic play readings with friends over skype.

Want a preview? Ok here's a preview.

Do you guys understand that this means?I'll have something serious to blog about all summer! If it happens! And I think it's gonna happen. Alright. Update over. I'm going to go finish my tater tots now.