Monday, June 29, 2015

i weep

i weep for the disintegration of our nation

i weep for the lies humanity has bought

i weep for the fallen state of this world


i weep for every battle i have not yet fought

i weep for every chance that awaits me
to stumble and fall and turn to evil

i weep for the weakness of my flesh

i weep for my stubborn flesh


i weep for the grace and mercy of my Lord

i weep for the realization of His strength

i weep for gratefulness that He is the rock of my salvation


i weep for every day there is left to endure

before we are to meet our Beloved in the clouds

indeed, verily, i weep

Friday, June 26, 2015

a moment

We all have our quirks and little hobbies. Some of you paint in your free time, others go for walks or run. Still others enjoy making things beautiful with decorations, or writing poetry. The outlets people have for themselves and things we do for enjoyment are endless.

For myself, I enjoy figuring out the chords to songs I enjoy singing and playing them on our family piano. I plunk out a chorus or two quite often, sometimes as an emotional outlet, sometimes just for the enjoyment of making music.

Last week, I was delighted to open my email and see the announcement for Nate Ruess' (frontman for the band "fun.") first solo album. I downloaded it mere hours later and have been listening to it nonstop. I love his artistry, and the raw emotion and the stories told in the words, his voice, and the music as a whole.

I had taken a particular liking to one of the songs, called "Moment", and had been singing the chorus quietly to myself for a few days. This led to, earlier this week, plunking out the melody on our piano and subsequently finding the chords and singing a bit of it before I had to leave for a physical therapy appointment.

The sweet, amazing lady who helps my mom clean our house was downstairs at the time too. Normally I don't sing or play music candidly around other people, but I had ten minutes to kill and I didn't think much of it.

The chorus, which kills me, goes like this:

Well I'm fine,
I just need a moment
I'm alright,
Right here on the floor
Well I'm fine,
I just need a moment
to cry

I played this little bit over and over, committing the chords to memory as I figured them out. After a while, I realized I may have been playing for longer than ten minutes, and turned around.

My mom's cleaning lady helper was standing there video recording me with tears in her eyes. Amidst my shocked, stuttering queries, she said to me,

"That's it. I've been looking for those words for a few weeks. I'm fine, but I just need a moment."

She proceeded to share something really personal in her life with me, and it astonished me to see someone so moved and allowed a release from something I had thought nothing of.

I share this with all of you to say one thing:

The Lord uses you wherever you are. He uses the big things and the small things. He can even minister to another soul through your idle tinkling on the piano, singing a song that struck your fancy.
He will use you in ways you had no idea He will.

Don't despise the little things you do, your little quirks or hobbies or interests. You have no idea how those things will bless another or reach into their soul.

Just keep on keeping on.

He gave you the talents, gifts, skills, and interests that He did for a reason.

Keep on walking with Him and being who He made you, and don't despise the little things that may seem useless or petty.

You might just be the reason for a grand moment in another.