Monday, June 29, 2015

i weep

i weep for the disintegration of our nation

i weep for the lies humanity has bought

i weep for the fallen state of this world


i weep for every battle i have not yet fought

i weep for every chance that awaits me
to stumble and fall and turn to evil

i weep for the weakness of my flesh

i weep for my stubborn flesh


i weep for the grace and mercy of my Lord

i weep for the realization of His strength

i weep for gratefulness that He is the rock of my salvation


i weep for every day there is left to endure

before we are to meet our Beloved in the clouds

indeed, verily, i weep


Hannah Joy said...

Ahhhhhh so goooooooooood. <3 <3 <3 Thank you, needed to hear this (again).

Hannah Mary said...

Well said, T.D. Very well said.

Elisabeth OKeefe said...

So good, so good. It's very appropriate for right now. I really, really appreciate this.